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I just find this strange

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I just find this strange

Post by whmon on 27.04.13 13:54

Here is the link to a Wikepedia article about MM.
To my mind, it has been written by CM. Here for example is a snippet:
'Following the disappearance, police carried out a search of the surrounding area with sniffer dogs, but it was called off on 11 May having produced no results'. That is the only time dogs are mentioned in the article.
What I find stange about the article is that not only is it 'locked' and can't be edited by the public but if you click onto 'Talk' at the top left hand side of the screen, then click on to 'Archives', then onto 'Archive 1' you read a statement that says:
'this page was nominated for deletion on 10 MAY 2007. The result of the discussion was 'keep''
Therefore, the page was created just days/hours after MM 'disappeared'. Is it just me? Or is it very strange behaviour to set up a page like this so soon after the event?

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Re: I just find this strange

Post by tigger on 27.04.13 14:23

I can understand that it's locked, just saw a few of the dirtier type of comments in the edits. What I'm surprised about it the very early date this whole topic was started: 5th May. Some 36 hours after the disappearance.

It looks pretty thoroughly vetted to me.

Hundreds of edits.

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