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Post by Guest on 02.04.13 8:55

@aiyoyo wrote:The Mccanns are no ordinary commoners to be handled like you would handle common criminals.
They haven't spent 6 long years building up their public persona, deceiving the public and government (that even the PM cited them as examples of "victims") for nothing. Their continued hired of mouthpiece and lawyers on retention basis is for a reason, and the reason is not Madeleine.

They have proven "they will NEVER give up their lies"; will do anything to keep their lies under the lid.
If the lid should come off, the damage to them and to the country would be immeasurable, and they will go down in history as the MOST evil PAIR of DOCTORS.
There is just no way the public and government would forgive the massive scale of their deception and fraudulent fund.

Any leak on possible prosecution will turn press and media attention on them into a frenzy that risks giving their lawyers loopholes for defence. It goes without saying, if a prosecution were to happen, their trial will turn into the biggest international media focus of the 21st centuries. Bigger than that of OJ, Amanda Knox, and that of OP combined. Particularly, when you take into account their victimisation of innocent families and children from sightings, as well as their prosecutions of innocent Police Officer, old-age pensioner and more, suing of newspapers, and profiting from Maddie's name - all these will be rehashed to remind people of their evilness.
Dont forgetting to take into account the number of people involved who helped cover this up - T7. And, those co-consiprators - one very prominent businessman and his in-house lawyer , one well-known ex-govt pink creature, private detectives, accountants, trustees, CR, CEOP, journalist friends [Jon Corner, Fiona Phillips (?)], families and friends, a 'manure colour' name ex PM perhaps, etc etc. The scale of this cover up is unrivaled by any other.

Not forgetting also those they made use of for their purpose, ie Charity and Children Welfare organisations they misrepresented, Celebrities who helped them raised fund or promote awareness of the Search. The sheer volume of entities they used to help cover up their lies will all be dragged up to fill up columns in the papers.

If their case ever go to trial, I suspect they will get off like OJ and Knox where the crime of homicide is concerned, but wont get off for Fraud. Conning people's money is thieving (make more serious by the fact it is a deliberate act post the fact), a serious crime punishable by imprisonment.

Agree with your comments, I don't think they will ever go to trial for the loss off their daughter, they have told lie upon lie and conned people into believing them. The so called top people who give them money and say "Oh the poor McCanns" it makes me very angry, I want to say to those people "why can't you see through them" Maybe some can but haven't the bottle to say.

The Media I'm sure will have their stories written on the McCann's but which ones will have the b***s to put it out into the public domain. The Daily Star seems to be tipping it's toes in the water, makes me wonder why under the FOI they wanted to know how many cops were working on the review and then saying how much its cost so far.

The McCanns will do all they can to protect the twins (pity they didn't do the same for Maddie) they will grow up and start asking their own questions, searching the internet and probably find this site & others like it, what answers will the parents give then. No fairy tale ending Kate & Gerry in your land of make believe.

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Post by Pershing36 on 05.04.13 20:00

I bet another win, win, win for Team McCann.

The police have got an obvious get out clause as they didn't do the investigation so they can blame spending millions on the Portuguese police and say their investigation was flawed.

The McCann's can return to the press with the begging bowls saying that although SY have nothing there is no evidence she is dead so the search should continue. Maybe even use the SY report to try more legal action in Portugal.

The UK press can rip into the Portuguese police on the back of the SY findings (or probably failure to find), doing rundowns of SY reviews. This should make some Sunday paper exclusives.

It is getting like that Bee Gees song 'you win again'.


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