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What sort of (shocking) world do we live in.....

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What sort of (shocking) world do we live in.....

Post by worriedmum on Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:45 pm

Steve White

Jordan Sheard
'A criminally stupid prank': Reveller jailed for manslaughter after setting teenager alight at 18th birthday party

21 Mar 2013 21:36

He flicked a lighter at the teenager's groin as part of a 2am prank, but the boy died the next day in hospital from 60% burns.

A reveller killed a ­vulnerable teenager when he doused him in tanning oil and set him alight at his own 18th birthday party.

Jordan Sheard, 20, flicked a lighter at Steven Simpson’s groin as
part of a 2am prank, then ran from the flat, a court heard today.

Steven, who lived alone and had Asperger syndrome, epilepsy and a
speech impairment, died the next day in hospital from 60% burns.

He was bullied at the party over his disability and the fact he was gay, before being dared to strip to his boxers.

Judge Roger Keen told him: “Egged on by others you sought to put a flame to Steven.

“What it did was engulf him in a fire. You tried to briefly assist
and then you ran away. That in my judgment is serious aggravation.”

Sarah Wright, prosecuting, told Sheffield crown court: “Steven seemed to be enjoying the situation.

"Then Jordan Sheard took out a lighter and Steven... went up in flames.”


He was sentenced to three and a half years. It is also reported that the 'revellers' wrote homophobic comments on this boy before he was set alight. I am trying to understand how the judge thinks that this is 'horseplay' and how the punishment fits this most despicable crime. Please contact your Member of Parliament if you feel the same, and ask them to raise the subject as an Early Day Motion.


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Re: What sort of (shocking) world do we live in.....

Post by jd on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:23 am

This judge should give you a clue of the real world we live in...

On 2nd August 2012, Judge Francis Gilbert QC (left) was appointed resident judge at Exeter. He has a long – and to me, inexplicable – history in the West Country of handing out light sentences to, giving bail to, and overturning verdicts against, paedophiles – primarily in Plymouth. On 13th July 2011, six footballers imprisoned for raping 12 year old girls were released, after a ruling that their 2-year sentences were “excessive”. The six men all admitted various charges of rape against two 12 year old girls in a park late at night. Mr Judge Francis Gilbert QC ruled that being imprisoned was inappropriate as it was a ‘difficult’ case. The men were released, their sentences cut to one year…and suspended.

Just 16 days later, Gilbert was at it again. Try to absorb this logic: Anthony Milsom – described by the trial judge as a “manipulative and predatory” sex offender, was jailed indefinitely for public protection. Milsom admitted a series of offences dating back to the early 1990s including 16 counts of possessing indecent images of children, 21 charges of making indecent images, and five charges of indecent assault on a little girl when she was aged between four and eight. At the original trial, the court also heard that Milsom had newspaper cuttings relating to high-profile child murder inquiries including Milly Dowler, Sophie Hook, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, as well as the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

His sentence was effectively life…but appeal court Judges (of whom one was Francis Gilbert QC) cut it to three and a half years.

And in 2005, he granted the request of the two paedophile defendants Palmer & Tapper to take a holiday during their trial. The reason for a holiday, they told Francis Gilbert, was stress. The couple, who ran a landlord and letting agency, assaulted their young victims after finding them homes when they came out of social services care. The two chums legged it to Turkey (nice place if you’re into little boys). Palmer was finally caught after an Interpol operation in late 2009, but by 2011 Tapper was still at large.

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: What sort of (shocking) world do we live in.....

Post by jd on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:24 am

Funnily enough...Plymouth is a big stomping ground for Common Purpose! And the late Freud's beloved football club

jane tanner Exeter...Richard Branson's Stem Cell Bank in Plymouth...Murats Eveleighs Plymouth...What a small world!

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: What sort of (shocking) world do we live in.....

Post by jd on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:29 am

This is a good read...What is the connection between Madeleine McCann and Plymouth?

The following comes from: "Katherina Gaspar and Yvonne Warren Martin - the Exeter and Plymouth Connection"

"After looking at the Police Files it transpires that BOTH of the witnesses responsible for querying David Payne - Yvonne Warren Martin and Katerina Gaspar - have both served in the medical and social professions in the ... Plymouth... area.

"Now we all know that Robert Murat and his family derive from ... Plymouth; we all know that Jane Tanner and Russell O Brien moved to this same area early in 2007.

(Jane Tanner reportedly saw a man carrying a girl dressed in Madeleine’s distinctive pink-and-white pyjamas walking eastwards, towards the house of Robert Murat)

"We also know that James Gorrod (the honorary, car hiring 'Tapas' member) works for a company that has offices in Exeter and Plymouth...

"And some of us may even be aware that there is a 'Sally Eveleigh' (the name of Murat's sister) who does fundraising in Plymouth for a Christian Adoption Agency called 'Familes For Children'.

"And then there's new Hewlett 'witness' - Peter Verran - similarly from Plymouth...

"The owner of Apartment 5A Ruth McCann? Well Ruth's husband, Michael McCann born was also born in Plymouth and lived in Plymouth for much of his life with his first wife and daughter Donna Aldred McCann...

"The man who designed Murat's villa in Praia da Luz - Des Taylor . Yes from Plymouth."

A Portuguese taxi driver, Antonio Castela, told how he picked up Madeleine McCann with a blonde woman and three men including one who looked like Robert Murat the night of her disappearance. -

Plymouth and Jersey "Police have arrested a 39-year-old nursery worker in Plymouth in connection with the distribution of indecent images of children. It follows a raid on the woman's home and Little Ted's nursery in the city." - Woman quizzed in child porn probe

"Plymouth-based frigate HMS Chatham sailed to Jersey and Guernsey. "Highlight of the visit for eight prize-winning Jersey and Guernsey children was a VIP tour of the ship and lunch with the commanding officer." - Jersey in the news

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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McCanns apt & hire car

Blood and cadaver alerts
dismissed by UK Government

Retired DCI Gonçalo Amaral: "The English can always present the conclusions to which they themselves arrived in 2007. Because they know, they have the evidence of what happened - they don't need to investigate anything. All this is now a mere 'show off'."

Retired murder DCI Colin Sutton: "I would also like to make the point that Operation Grange was so restricted from the start as to be destined to fail."

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley made public on national TV that Operation Grange is a complete fraud.

Ex-DCI Andy Redwood had a "revelation moment" on BBC's Crimewatch on 14th October 2013 when he announced that Operation Grange had eliminated the Tanner sighting - which opened up the 'window of opportunity', in accordance with their remit, to allow the fake abduction to happen.

Despite "irrelevant behaviour" from blood and cadaver dogs in the McCann's apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes, and in the car they hired three weeks after Maddie disappeared, Ex-Chief Inspector, Ian Horrocks, said: "The thought that Kate and Gerry McCann had anything to do with the death of their daughter is frankly preposterous."

Gerry McCann called for example to be made of 'trolls'. SKY News reporter Martin Brunt doorstepped Brenda Leyland on 2 October 2014. She was then found dead in a Leicester hotel room. Brenda paid the price. She paid with her life.

Ex-Deputy Chief Constable, Jim Gamble QPM, congratulated SKY reporter, Martin Brunt, on twitter for doorstepping Brenda Leyland on behalf of Gerry McCann.

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to Royalty: The Duchess of Gloucester.

Good Cop Down: The reality of being a police whistleblower