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Gerry McCann and high ranking MP's

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Gerry McCann and high ranking MP's

Post by Guest on 20.03.13 14:43

I came across this by chance when searching for something else.

Did Gerry McCann make friends with any high ranking MP's when he was working in a government committee?

as a medical advisor to COMARE, a government committee
did Gerry McCann meet any High ranking MP's that also like swing parties?

· 6 years ago

Much has been made of the McCanns government links, and this being the reason for the apparant government cover up surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

The usual suspects have been rolled out: the freemasons, illuminati, etc.

The link is far more simple.

Gordon Brown is the prime minister and therefore the man making decisions and signing the cheques.

His brother, Andrew, is the press officer for EDF energy which operates nuclear power stations.

"In November 2005, EFD's Chief Executive, Vincent de Rivaz, told a parliamentary committee that new nuclear power stations could be built within ten years if planning and licensing laws are relaxed."

Gerry McCann is a medical advisor to COMARE, a governemnt committee which monitors radiation in the enviroment.

It's a win, win, win situation. Except of course for those who end up living next door to a nuclear waste depot.

But not to worry because Yvette Cooper is the housing minister, and her father, Tony, is a board member of the Nuclear Decommisioning Authority. Yvette Cooper also happens to be married to Gordon's political chum, Ed Balls.

So all Gerry needs to do to repay Gordon, for getting a case of potential infanticide dropped, is vote through the relaxation of the laws surrounding the operation and commisioning of nuclear power stations. Then Gordon signs the cheques, and his brother gets a bonus for his successful lobbying. Gordon gets paid later in the form of a nice little pension for doing a couple of days work as a director.

Nope there is no corruption in British public life.


· 6 years ago


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