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Boy, 13, becomes one of youngest to be put on sex offenders register after he raped three-year-old at foster family's home

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Boy, 13, becomes one of youngest to be put on sex offenders register after he raped three-year-old at foster family's home

Post by ufercoffy on 24.03.10 8:46

A 13-year-old boy who was placed with a foster family raped their three-year-old daughter, a court was told.
The teenager was caught sexually abusing the girl on the lounge floor by her horrified mother.

Police were called and the boy admitted the offence.

The 13-year-old boy was put on the sex offenders register and given a 12-month referral order by the judge at Blackpool Magistrates' Court

It later emerged that the boy, who cannot be named, had no previous convictions though he had been reprimanded by police for theft.
Last night the foster family, from Lancashire, declined to comment.
The case carries echoes of the 18-year-old boy who raped the two-year-old son and molested the nine-year-old daughter of his foster family in South Wales.

In that case social services had failed to tell the foster parents the youth had a history of abuse. He was given an indefinite sentence.
In the latest case, the boy pleaded guilty this week at Blackpool Magistrates' Court to raping and sexually touching the girl.
Steven Townley, defending, said the defendant had told police he had been repeatedly sexually abused.

He added: 'I understand that the person my client says assaulted him has now been charged. My client needs help.'
District Judge Jeff Brailsford told the boy: 'I know you accept that this was a dreadful assault.'
He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register and given a 12-month referral order under which he will receive counselling.
Mr Townley said the boy is now living in Merseyside where a team of social and care workers are supervising him.

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And some comments:

Absolutely shocking, what on earth are we coming to, that children are becoming predatory rapists?

- Mr M Chetta, Launceston, UK, 23/3/2010 16:54Click to rate Rating 1184

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Our society seems to be creating a generation of child rapists and murderers. What the hell is happening to this country??

- Eric, Cambden, 23/3/2010 16:52Click to rate Rating 1142

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He was sentenced to a 12-month referral order and put on the Sex Offenders Register for two-and-a-half years

PATHETIC. This little piece of scum should be locked up indefinately.

- Billy G, London, UK, 23/3/2010 16:51Click to rate Rating 900

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Why is this sort of thing becoming all too common today. There are various factors but the biggest single factor by far is internet porn. And yet this fact is rarely referred to in comment sections and articles like this. Statistics: 42% of internet searches are porn related. Also 90% of children aged 8 to 16 view porn, mostly while doing their homework. We are talking about extremely explicit pictures and videos of sex acts easily and freely available at the click of a mouse. Can it be stopped? No. Look at the statistics. Many of those who pass and enforce the laws are in on it. A lot of money too.

- David, South London, 23/3/2010 16:50Click to rate Rating 600

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Nice for the perpetrator, what about the victim?

- Jillox, Gosport, England, 23/3/2010 16:48Click to rate Rating 655

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Very upsetting.

What is not so widely known about paedophilia is that it is common for victims to act out sexual behaviour with other under-age children or become paedophiles themselves (after the original offender has been punished) through a distorted perception of sexuality in minors.

This kid needs help and plenty of support, as do all victims of paedophiles. That said; I'm not completely sure it's right that he goes relatively unpunished for the damage he has inflicted....

- Michael, Shrewsbury, West Midlands, England, 23/3/2010 16:45

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Re: Boy, 13, becomes one of youngest to be put on sex offenders register after he raped three-year-old at foster family's home

Post by Tony Bennett on 24.03.10 15:01

Surely one of the main lessons from this appalling story is that once again, the very body responsible, supposedly, for protecting children - Social Services - is in fact (in his case indirectly) causing children to be abused
Tony Bennett

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