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Post by ufercoffy on 24.03.10 8:08

Posted by IRONSIDE

Although I now believe neglect was simulated. My theory, because it can never be more, left a large hole. The independent witness statement of Mrs.Pamela Fenn, who heard a child Tues.May 1st crying for much longer than one hour, screaming daddy,daddy.

For a time,I worked with Animal Rescue and we had many,many dogs. We laughed in the mornings as one dog would start to bark and within moments they were all barking. We called it 'The Dawn Chorus'

I have also sat in the warm sunshine after a mornings shopping, in a local bar, eating tapas. I have watched mothers with their young children struggle to try and feed them all at the same time. One will become a little impatient and start to cry, soon, they would all be crying.


Spent one christmas with her Grandmother ,Gerrys mum ,Mrs McCann said of her grandaughter 'That girl could pull a tantrum. If anyone had tried to take her she would have screamed her head off. She would have had to be drugged'

Dr.K.Gaspar said:

Madeleine went off with the Paynes so that Kate and Gerry may spend time with the twins.

Madeleine : A star chart in Rothley. Madeleine would receive a star for everynight she stayed in bed and did not disturb her parents.

Gerry: However said Madeleine would come to our room because the twins would wake her ?

Madeleine it seems had a sleep problem . Maddie had her own room in Rothley but now she was sleeping with the twins and would have disturbed them, not only them but ALL the children if they were together.

Madeleine sedated and while she slept the twins were taken to be with the rest of the children.

Madeleine it seems was not sedated enough on Tues May 1st, she woke and found herself truly alone. There was no mum and dad, no brother or sister , she was terrified and she screamed and screamed.

This for me explains why Mrs.Fenn only heard one child, the twins were safe elsewhere. For a very long time I had thought the McCanns came up with the story 'Why did you not come when we were crying' to cover for Mrs Fenn and what she had heard. I then realised they possibly did not know at the time of their statements. Mrs Fenn herself said I did not tell the Mccanns so as not to upset them .

Kate in her witness statement said she covered the twins with open weave blankets before leaving the apartment.

I now realise the purpose of the statement . Kate had far more important things on her mind than a childs cries. When you think of twins , you think of both. Mention Amelie, you think of Sean. Mention Sean ,you think of Amelie.

Kates words 'Why did you not come when me and SEAN were crying'. Kate, once more pushing the NEGLECT. When what Kate Healy was really saying, by her very words, she had placed the twins BACK in the apartment.

Kate forgot one thing the 'BLANKETS'..GNR noticed there was no bedding in the cots.

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Post by kathyBelle on 24.03.10 8:52

Good morning uffer and thank you for making your post. When Gerry McCann was leaving the Lisbon court in January, he was interviewed about Madeleine's disappearance and he said they made a mistake, when they left Madeleine alone, in their apartment.

I firmly believe that Madeleine was not only left alone on the night she disappeared, but on the other nights, apart from the night the McCanns and their children went for that meal.

I also saw the photographs of the childrens bedroom, that was taken after Madeleine disappeared and I saw that there was no bedding in the twins cots, but Madeleine's bed and the bed that Kate McCann supposedly slept in, the night before Madeleine disappeared, had bedding on them. In fact Madeleine's bed looked like it hadn't been slept in.

I don't believe Madeleine was abducted, I believe she was killed as the result of an accident. I believe 3 people were involved in Madeleine's death, Kate and Gerry McCann and David Payne. I don't believe all the Tapas 7 are are aware of the events surrounding Madeleine's death, but I believe they know Madeleine was not abducted and for reasons best known to themselves are staying silent.

If Madeleine had been abducted, the McCanns would have developed a different stance to the one they had in PDL. They would have searched for her from the minute she was discovered missing until they could search no more.

Its rather strange that apart from Kate McCanns mother, no other member of the McCanns family flew out to PDL straight away. Gerry McCann's brother and 2 sisters were on GMTV, being interviewed about Madeleine's disappearance, a couple of days after Madeleine disappeared.

They were all able bodied people and quite capable of joining the police, the locals and holiday makers in their search for Madeleine. The locals stayed off work for a week and the holiday makers, gave up their leisure time to search for Madeleine. While the McCanns gave nothing up and continued as if nothing had happened.

It was only when they knew they were being interviewed and photographed by the press, that their behaviour changed from being 'happy go lucky' to sad. Even then in some of their interviews they were flippant and arrogant, especially Gerry McCann.

I believe Madeleine's death has come as a welcome relief to the McCanns, they have never mourned her at all. Both of them have behaved in a cold matter of fact way, since she disappeared.

I also believe the McCanns are untouchable, as was proved recently in the Amaral v McCann case in Lisbon. Events were revealed in that Portuguese court, that proved the McCanns were more involved in Madeleine's disappearance than neglect.

The Judge saw the files and heard the evidence, she also was aware that whatever was in Goncalo Amaral's book, was in the files, yet she took the McCanns side. The reason she took the McCanns side is because of whatever was said and done, behind those closed doors, with Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns lawyer and their witnesses.

In my opinion of course.

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