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Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

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Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

Post by russiandoll on 19.02.13 17:54

From the Blacksmith Bureau, Sunday, 11 December 2011:
this is where it gets interesting. The only way we’re going to know
which way the review is heading is via the parents. Sooner or later they
will get what they think is reliable information about the
inquiry’s direction and they’ll start to spin pre-emptively—smiley spin
and “looking forward to the conclusions” and we’ll assume they’re home
and dry; otherwise we’ll watch them wriggle while their lawyers attempt
to negotiate."

it's going to be two years and there still isn't the hint of a "home
and dry soon" press release or Facebook entry. Not one. They're out of
the loop, as Amaral demonstrated when he launched his "things are not
going well for the McCanns in Oporto" torpedo in March last year. The
bemused shock with which they responded to the explosion showed that the
McCanns hadn't even known about the Oporto review.

those meetings between the Yard and the McCanns that the Mouthpiece had
told us so proudly about – and now the pair had the sickening certainty
that the Yard must have been leaving out everything that mattered.
Which meant in turn that they couldn't depend on anything that the Yard had been telling them, nor whether those nice officers had been deliberately giving them "what they think is reliable information". Gosh, that could almost make you paranoid, couldn't it?

Read all about it
So, some of the 2012/2013 press releases and headlines that we haven't seen:
Kate & Gerry obviously can't comment on operational matters they
are grateful that the review which they fought for so long to set up is
finally getting near the truth".

"We'd like to thank Rebekah Brooks and the News of the World for campaigning to get this review set up".

"All Gerry and Kate have ever wanted is for the truth to come out. Now they believe the review is finally doing that."
are confident that the Scotland Yard conclusions, even if they don't
tell us what happened to Madeleine, will demonstrate to everyone just
how badly Kate and Gerry were treated."

Not forgetting
Cop Isolated. An enraged Goncalo Amaral attempted to rubbish the
claims that the Scotland Yard inquiry and even his own colleagues will
condemn his role in the case.

Daily Mirror Scotland Yard: Fat cop did put the McCanns in the frame. Sources close to Gerry and Kate's legal team…
Portuguese Attorney-General: "we were right to clear them".

Antonelli Lanzarote: Kate and Gerry spare the monster who tried to destroy them.
2007 I watched the crooked cop Amaral attempt to frame the McCanns and
nobody would blame them for wanting vengeance. But Kate, behind the
scenes, is a catholic, strong but silent in her faith. Today we found
out that she and Gerry have:

  • Asked the judge to suspend the libel trial and
  • Given Amaral the chance to drop all his lying claims and retire to a monastery in nearby Mozambique
Would any other couple have acted so mercifully after the way they were treated?
Mitchell, the couple's spokesman said "we never comment on operational
or judicial matters." A pal of the McCanns said "Kate is always willing
to give people a second chance."

Clarence Mitchell said today.
"I understand that Isabel Duarte has been asked by Kate to offer
Goncalo Amaral the chance to withdraw all his claims with only moderate
financial penalties. They have given him three weeks to decide".

The Sun: Kate offers lying cop mercy after dream tells her to forgive.
vision of her father asking for bygones to be bygones is what led to
the McCanns' surprise decision to halt their libel case against the
notorious ex-inspector Amaral, the Sun has learned.

to comment today on the decision to pause the Lisbon libel proceedings
the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said "this was a court
announcement and Kate and Gerry respect Portuguese judicial secrecy
rules as they always have done. They will not be commenting on their
request to suspend." A source close to the McCanns said that Amaral had
"begged" for the chance to make amends."

Behind the TearsDavid James Smith on how the Yard and the libel courts finally brought a long nightmare to an end.

Antonella Lanzaroti: Crooked cop will have to face the music. Disgraced cop Goncalo Amaral

  • Demanded that Kate and Gerry drop their libel action
  • Wept as he begged them to give him another chance
  • Boasted that he would never face the libel trial
But now proud Kate has

  • Killed his attempts to squirm his way out
  • Warned him to stay in line and
  • Asked the judge to put him back in the dock
can never forgive this man for hurting the search for Mudelin," said
brave Kate, 59, as she boiled her blood this morning, "Yes, this man
pleaded poverty and begged to be allowed to keep his ill-gotten gains by
suspending the case. Our lawyers said we could do a deal with him. A
deal? I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

"What would Mudelin have said if we agreed to a deal? How would I ever face her again after betraying her."
"No, we have always said the law must take its course. For Mud'lin."
spokesman for the McCanns, who appeared to have been drinking and was
wearing a three-day-old shirt, said: "Rumours that we are trying to
blame the ship captain for this disaster are ludicrous and unfounded

James Murray: Is this the face of Madeleine?

Of Course…
this silence may be because the couple are much too busy with their
commendable charitable and campaigning work in childcare and press
responsibility which has opened so many doors for them into British
society, including the one in Downing Street. Goodness, they couldn't be
trying to follow the well-known path into the Establishment, could they? Maybe it's not just the forum loonies who believe in the power of this mythical beast to protect its own.


             The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate,
contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and
~John F. Kennedy


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Re: Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

Post by Woofer on 19.02.13 18:14

Wow - If Goncalo felt so inclined he`d have every right to sue each one of those evil mouthed entities, though no amount of money could ever recompense him for their treachery. Its shocking to see it all written out like that. I can see why some people feel so passionate about Richard III`s memory. Team McCann following in the footsteps of the Tudors.

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Re: Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

Post by Inspectorfrost on 19.02.13 18:34

I am SO glad someone has their pathetic little number!

Everything they have said and done is sure to come back at them double barrelled, that is what is called karma and justice

Katey wants Mr A to be miserable and feal fear? You already achieved that, withyour evil actions, perhaps its time God made YOU feel like that, and he WILL because there is no one more deserving

I reckon Mr A is due millionsin compensation from the Mccanns!!!


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Re: Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

Post by Olive_Boyle on 19.02.13 20:23

Absolutely hilarious. Love it.


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Re: Blacksmith 19th February 2013 CUTTINGS

Post by PeterMac on 19.02.13 23:08

When he is on form he is good.
Wit and satire are the enemies of truth.
Communist and fascist governments alike try to stop it.



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