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Post by Mirage on 16.02.13 20:45

I came across this article by Mary Nightingale. the ITN news presenter a while ago. It infuriated me.

Ever since, I have wondered if she abandoned journalistic ethics in writing it. She is expressing a very personal opinion about a couple she has interviewed five times for ITN - a news station

There is no attempt to address any of the obvious contradictions in the McCann version of events.

It is purely an opinion piece with no journalistic rigour.

It is clear she has done no research of the Portuguese police files, otherwise she would have been forced to address obvious contradictions. Or maybe she thought the Portuguese police were wrong but didn't think it worth mentioning.

The tone is overwhelmingly biased and she saves her derision for those who rightly question the lies and contradictions.

I would like to kick this thread off with the following article. I hope others will contribute more articles that have shown blatant and unwarranted bias so that we have a record of all those who hampered justice for a child in the rush to protect two negligent parents.

We can keep them on ice for the day it is our turn to ask certain journalists some pointed questions.

6:19pm, Wed 2 May 2012 Madeleine five year anniversary

'What are the McCanns really like?'

It's the togetherness that strikes you first.

Sitting side by side - hands clasped - Gerry and Kate McCann are constantly looking at one another, nodding in agreement, chipping in with comments - utterly supportive of each other throughout their ordeal.

Statistics tell you that bereaved parents are more likely than not to separate. The corrosive nature of grief rips apart rather than unites. But they refuse to be bowed by statistics.

As Gerry says:

"We're still very much a family; it's just a very important member is not with us at the minute."
I've been interviewing the McCanns about Madeleine for five years now. Every May 3rd a grim anniversary.

One, two, three years missing...What would've been her 5th birthday...And, this time last year, marking the day Madeleine had spent more time away from her parents than with them.

How on earth do Gerry and Kate remain forward looking and positive after five years of not knowing what's happened to their little girl?

In those first panic-stricken days after she vanished, they would have been forgiven for thinking life couldn't get any worse.

And yet it did: accused, suspected, arrested in Portugal.

Even at home you don't have to trawl far to uncover a highly vocal anti-McCann feeling out there: "They shouldn't have left her", "they deserved to lose her", even "they did it".

Why the vitriol about a couple who made a simple - but devastating - mistake? They thought Madeleine was safe - but she wasn't. They failed to spot the risk in a sunny care-free holiday environment.

Their daughter vanished and the acid blame has flowed ever since.

How do they keep so apparently calm and constructive? It's a question that perplexes the public: why don't they weep and beg, and blame? It's a question I get asked almost more than any other about my work: "What are the McCanns really like?"

In Kate's words:

"You can't know what it's like to be us, to walk in our shoes. You can't know how you would behave if it was you."
God forbid that any of us should find out.


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Post by Inspectorfrost on 17.02.13 2:34


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Post by tigger on 17.02.13 6:55

New definitions:

ethical journalism - a contradiction in terms

journalist - a person who knows how to use a spell checker

talk show host - a failed minor celebrity

editor - a person who assumes journalists always use a spell checker

public relations officer - a writer of fictional short stories based on fairy tales

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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Post by Guest on 17.02.13 10:52

I think it's more to do with the management than the individual journalists. Beginning to notice it everywhere, we're not only getting news, we're being told what way to think about it.

I've been following one story in our Irish media where there's a relentless attack on one personality (who is being made a scapegoat) the newspapers are chipping away on a daily basis and people are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

And on Sky this week we're hearing about the horse-meat situation and being told who to blame and that we're blaming the wrong people.

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