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Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

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Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by justagrannynow 1 on 21.03.10 6:38

Sarah's Killer Found With Her Picture In Cell

3:13am UK, Sunday March 21, 2010

James Jordan, Sky News Online
The man convicted of murdering schoolgirl Sarah Payne was found with pictures of her in his cell, it has been revealed.

Police Handout Of Roy Whiting, Convicted Of The Murder Of Schoolgirl Sarah Payne, Who Has Been Found With Pictures Of Victim And Other Young Girls In His Cell At Wakefield Prison

Whiting received a life sentence with a whole-life tariff in December 2001

Roy Whiting, 51, had newspaper and magazine cuttings about the eight-year-old and other young girls in his cell at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire.

The disturbing discovery was made during a routine search and detailed in a prison report seen by the Sunday Mirror.

The newspaper quoted the 2009 report as saying: "It is of serious concern that the security information indicates hidden newspaper cuttings of Mr Whiting's victim and young girls were discovered during a cell search.

"It appears that his interest in young girls continues to be evident within the prison environment."

Sarah's mum Sara Payne, 40, told the News of the World: "I felt anger and dismay when told what he had been doing. This is extremely unfortunate and gives me the creeps.

"We live in an age where material like this is easily available and the Prison Service can only do its best to try and restrict it."

She added: "Collecting newspaper clippings is, I am sure, Roy Whiting and other paedophiles' way of trying to intimidate the families of their victims."

Handout Picture Of Eight-Year-Old Schoolgirl Sarah Payne Who Was Murdered By Roy Whiting.

Sarah vanished while out playing

Sarah vanished while playing with her brothers and sister in a field near her grandparents' house in Littlehampton, West Sussex.

Search teams looked for 16 days before her body was found 12 miles away.

After Whiting was convicted, it emerged that he had kidnapped and sexually assaulted a nine-year-old girl five years earlier.

A Prison Service spokeswoman said: "We don't comment on individual cases.

"Where inappropriate materials are found in prisoners' cells they are immediately removed and the prisoner may be subject to disciplinary proceedings."
justagrannynow 1

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Re: Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by vinnieL on 21.03.10 8:15

Disciplinary proceedings?

How the hell has he been allowed to get, and keep these pictures?

Paedos can never be rehabilitated, this just proves it. Lets hope we never see the subject of his parole being discussed anytime soon.

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Re: Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by Cherry on 23.03.10 9:46

Maybe the prisoners should not be allowed any newspapers in the prison, afterall their own behaviour has led them to be isolated from the world in prison, that was their choice when they acted the way they did, so I dont see why they should be allowed newspapers to read about what is going on outside, they gave up that right imo

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Re: Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by aiyoyo on 28.03.10 10:23


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Re: Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by kathyBelle on 28.03.10 11:13

I think all paedophiles, should be kept in a cell until they die. They have denied their victims, the right to a life, whether they have murdered their victims or violated them, by committing their vile acts. So they should also be denied the right to a life.

We don't have capital punishment, so the next best thing, is to keep them locked up, a gap underneath the door, large enough to push a plate of food under should be made and a water bottle similar to ones that a hamster uses, should be fitted to the outside of the door, with the spout on the inside of the door, to enable the vile creatures to drink.

I know it will never happen, because paedophiles, like other people who commit vile crimes, have Civil Liberties on their side.


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Re: Killer of Sarah Payne keeps photos in his cell

Post by pinksoda on 28.03.10 13:53

i agree with every word kathybelle! cannot add anymore really. accept they should not have access to newspapers,magazines etc. in some countries he would have more than his hands cut off! also the ones allowed 'out' should defo have their foreheads tatooed!

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