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Tapas holidays

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Tapas holidays

Post by Trainer on 08.02.13 21:01

lots of talk and theories about the I'll fated holiday + previous holidays etc but what interests me is what happened afterwards.
Do we have a happy cohesive group? Where has everyone been holidaying ? And with who?
Are all the tapas still happy family's ? Or not?

The answers to the above would point to who was deeply involved and who was classed as an outsider.
It could point to week links in the tapas code of silence ie if a couple were to split from the group or split from each other who knows just what may come out.

Do we have any info ? They all must have been on holiday since the one we all remember.

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Re: Tapas holidays

Post by Guest on 08.02.13 21:53

Interesting question.
All we know about their last gathering was November 2007 ...

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