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Some reconstruction questions

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Some reconstruction questions

Post by Inspectorfrost on 04.02.13 20:27

Does anyone know for a fact that K and G would NOT have had a choice, as arguidos, to say no to going back to Portugal to do one?

I was watching Hidehos video on the reconstruction. The sky reporter, if you watch from one minute in, asks them about the reconstruction. I noticed a couple things about it.

- Gerry says it is not just up to them if it happens, there are other parties involved, so its not just a matter of them saying yes or no, as all the other parties would have to agree

- Gerry asks, what more information could be gained from doing one? The police already have all their statements. So why then did he do his own reconstruction a year later with channel 4? Why did Kate write a book saying someone out there reading it might have their memory jogged?

- Kate says to the reporter, but all the information is already with the police, if she thought anything would help bring in more information, she would agree to it, but only if she first had reassurance that doing one WOULD bring in new information

I find all this a little disjointed.

I also found the questions put by the tapas 7 to Portugal re the reconstruction pretty poor and also their final replies.

It could well be argued that this palava damaged the search as they would have no idea what new angles may have been brought up!


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