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Another cracking Blacksmith one. Mm11

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Another cracking Blacksmith one.

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Another cracking Blacksmith one. Empty Another cracking Blacksmith one.

Post by PeterMac on 26.01.13 13:30

With acknowledgements and sincere thanks to Blacksmith

They just don't get it
They Really Don't
The poor boobies in the McCann camp think this is some temporary blip that they'll weather if they keep their heads down. They can't get to grips with what's going on. So let's spell out why the libel trial suspension is no ordinary news item.
Since 2008 and the publication of Goncalo Amaral's book the strategy of the parents and their team has been simple, as all the best deceptions are:
Deliberately highlighting the tabloid rubbish of autumn 2007 against them so that everyone, from the house of Commons to Oprah Winfrey to the on-line audience for the Leveson inquiry, knows the mad accusations by heart, while muffling and blanketing the truly dangerous, accurate, stuff from beginning to end.
That's it folks, it's that simple: no need for hidden allies, protection or political help. That is the plan that they have consistently followed and it's worked a treat. But only by keeping the lid on Amaral and the hard core of truth about the PJ investigation. Bit by bit the contents have dribbled out and the pair have struggled to screw the lid down even tighter. The steam started to rise in Lisbon in 2010 and spouted out with Kate McCann's ill-conceived Madeleine. Now, after five years, the pot has finally burst in their faces.
Their proven lies about the course of the PJ investigation go back not to May 2007, where so much is still uncertain or a matter of opinion, but to the beginning of August of that year. That is when the proof of Kate and Gerry McCann's attempt to prevent the UK public finding out about the details of the investigation at any cost becomes visible.
And that's why the end of the case against Goncalo Amaral – for it will not be resumed in six months – is so crucial. That's why the Bureau splashed it.

From Beginning to End
Leaving aside the couple's role earlier in the investigation, at all the subsequent crucial junctures of the affair the parents have either lied or deliberately misrepresented or muffled events to deceive the British public about the interrupted investigation.
On August 2 2007 they began the calculated lying about the police activities against them which form the core of Amaral's claims.
In summer 2008 they deliberately misrepresented the Portuguese archiving summary which had confirmed the Seven's refusal to co-operate with the inquiry and the McCanns' failure to "demonstrate their innocence".
In January 2009 they secretly commenced the silencing and libel actions against Amaral while lying on the greatest possible scale that they were in Portugal for different reasons.
In 2010 the Portuguese courts demolished their human rights claim against Amaral and one of the three legs of their libel claim. There was no media statement from the McCanns.
In January 2013 the McCanns accepted defeat in their libel claim but refused to make any statement or answer any questions about the matter.
The Proof
The Beginning
On August 2 2007 a police squad turned the McCanns over. The house was searched, possessions were seized and they were left, according to Kate McCann, with "just the clothes they were wearing." Later their car was seized for forensic examination.
The lies which both the McCanns told on that date and afterwards – outright porkies – to prevent the UK public discovering anything of the truth about the investigation are listed in these Bureau archives below. Kate McCann's attempted excuse in Madeleine (page 206) that they "had no choice" but to lie demonstrates how lying is their preferred or instinctive mode of operation when in a tight spot. The lying about the investigation and Amaral has never stopped since then.

The Archiving Summary
This is the Team's précis of the summary which they fed to the UK press on publication and which, in the usual way of the great days of Team McCann spin, was written up in the same words in numerous papers.This one comes from the Standard. The dishonesty and the motive are quite manifest.
“The Portuguese police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was condemned in the strongest terms by the country's public prosecutors, new documents revealed today." [a deliberate lie; it was not.]
Detectives were criticised for establishing "no element of proof " about what happened to Madeleine or even whether she was alive or dead.”[a deliberate lie; they were not]
“A source close to the McCanns' legal team said action against the Portuguese police was now increasingly likely. He said: "Given this blatant misrepresentation of evidence, legal action against the Portuguese police is very much on the agenda. [another deliberate lie; there was no "misrepresentation of evidence. We still await the legal action against the PJ].
"The lawyers are considering very seriously whether action needs to be taken against individual officers when evidence was clearly misrepresented in such obvious ways at such crucial times." [see above].

Portugal and Duarte
As we know from Madeleine Gerry McCann went to Portugal specifically to plot the libel claim and gagging order with Duarte. In perhaps the most prolonged and widespread example of his gratuitous lying he gave interview after interview stating that he was there for other reasons.

Portuguese Appeal Courts

Not only was Amaral vindicated but the judges, as Kate McCann's Madeleine let slip, knocked away the third leg of the libel claim, damage to the so-called search. She writes: "The latest verdict was that Amaral’s poisonous allegations did not damage our investigation in any way." That's one of the three libel claims dead.

She and Gerry McCann had known since 2009 that proving Amaral's interpretation of events in the apartment, the subject of the main claim of the three would be very difficult. When announcing the dropping of the libel case against Tal y Qual then Mitchell had said:
"The libel action against Tal & Qual has been dropped for a number of reasons. Firstly, the newspaper went bust some time ago. Secondly Tal & Qual could probably have mounted a defence, as they were reporting what a certain police officer believed at the time." Which is the same 100% defence –"genuine belief that something is true" – which worked for Mad Marcos and would work for Amaral in court.
So much for Clarence's version. The Telegraph, to whom he had given the story, was rather more blunt: "This week the couple withdrew their defamation action after being advised that the newspaper had a strong defence under Portuguese law. It could argue the story was published in good faith because senior police officers did at the time believe the McCanns may have been implicated in the case." That's two of the three claims dead – but they had to keep the lid on, didn't they?

The Straw Men
And on the parallel track the McCanns, despite the statement of one of their lawyers on BBC television in 2007 that the aim was to "expunge" from the public memory the wild claims against them made in the press:
In March 2009 recirculated all the invented tabloid claims against them to the public House of Commons media committee.
In 2012 recirculated all the same claims in even greater detail to the public and on-line audience for the Leveson inquiry.
Highlight the one. Keep the lid on the other.

The lid's off. They are toast.

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Another cracking Blacksmith one. Empty Re: Another cracking Blacksmith one.

Post by Guest on 26.01.13 13:35

Hi Peter Mac,

This has been posted already on the other Blacksmith thread, so hope you don't mind will lock so conversation stays in one thread and not split.

People can then just read this and comment on other thread as it is all to do with the suspension of the trial.

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