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Disturbing questions over Leveson's key adviser:

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Disturbing questions over Leveson's key adviser:

Post by Guest on 16.11.12 11:41

Disturbing questions over Leveson's key adviser: Special Investigation into a central figure in the McAlpine scandal and judicial inquiry into the press

Read more:

[snipped from article]

Two more of Leveson’s panel of advisers, ex-Ofcom chairman Lord Currie and Sir Paul Scott-Lee, ex-chief constable of West Midlands Police, have indirect connections with Common Purpose.

The Mail investigation has uncovered an incestuous network of political, business and financial links between Sir David, ex-chairman of the Financial Times, and individuals and organisations appearing before the Inquiry to demand statutory press regulation. It reveals:

  • Many of the witnesses who provided the most hostile anti-press evidence to Leveson are linked to senior figures at Hacked Off and the Media Standards Trust;
  • Significant funding for the Trust comes from a charitable trust of which Sir David is a trustee;
  • The Trust has links with Ofcom, the statutory media regulator which some suspect has ambitions to regulate Britain’s free press;
  • Despite being formed by the Trust, which is campaigning for ‘transparency and accountability in the news’, Hacked Off refuses to detail the source of its own funding;
  • The ‘prestigious’ Trust-administered Orwell Prize for political writing was handed to a journalist who turned out to have made up his ‘award-winning’ articles;
  • Common Purpose is ‘likely’ to have breached the Data Protection Act – the charge levelled at the Leveson Inquiry against virtually all newspapers;
  • It has strong links with powerful and controversial lobby and PR groups;
  • Common Purpose ‘leaders’ have had a significant influence on the appointments process in Whitehall.

Read more:

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Re: Disturbing questions over Leveson's key adviser:

Post by Tony Bennett on 17.11.12 0:19

This Daily Mail article and 10-page dossier inside today is IMO very important.

Topics covered include:

The make-up of the Leveson enquiry

The role of Sir David Bell

The role of the Media Standards Trust

The role of Common Purpose

The role of Bell Pottinger, and, of course

Measures to regulate the press.

In this posting, I will get some background information out of the way first, then I'll post the two Daily Mail articles, and then what the Telegraph and the Guardian have to say about the Daily Mail article:


Reputation Management

We specialise in providing a range of services to help clients assess the risks their businesses or personal standing may face, and respond to those risks which may place their reputation at risk. We are on hand to provide expert reputation management support when things go wrong, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We work for global corporations, as well as SMEs, authorities and individuals, and our consultants cover a wide range of sectors from finance to food and from heavy industry to retail. Whatever the issue, we put together the best team with the most relevant experience to fight our client’s corner.

Some of our experience:

  • High Court litigation: We have successfully supported several high profile individuals and organisations in complex legal actions
  • Eurostar Independent Inquiry: providing communications support for the publication of the independent inquiry into Eurostar trains trapped in the Channel Tunnel during bad weather
  • McLaren: supporting the CEO and senior management of McLaren during the FIA investigation into allegations of theft of technical information
  • Mark Warner: providing 24/7 crisis management support following the disappearance of Madeleine McCann from a Mark Warner resort in Portugal

How a BBC News item linked the work of the Media Standards Trust to the Madeleine McCann case

According to a report published today by the Media Standards Trust (MST), an independent charity chaired by Sir David Bell, Chair of the Financial Times, the existing means of press self-regulation are incapable of dealing with the serious and growing threats to press standards and press freedom.

Journalists are under greater pressure than ever before and the situation has been made worse by the recession which has seen newsrooms cutting editorial resources. Some newspapers are also sacrificing standards in order to maintain sales, as seen in the inaccurate and in some cases defamatory reporting of the Madeleine McCann case...



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