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Armistice Day

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Armistice Day

Post by aquila on 11.11.12 13:56

The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. A time to remember those that fell in two World Wars. It's said that those that 'gave' their lives. I think of it as those that 'lost' their lives. I watched (as always) the remembrance service. I am always in awe of the old and new soldiers who turn out and march. It is over 65 years since WW2. The loss of lives in so many countries was immense.

I imagine (correct me if I'm wrong) that everyone of my age whatever 'side' they were on (and I'm only in my 50's) remembers first hand accounts when they were younger of people who had gone through the Wars. I have the privilege of having known a man who served in WW1 in the cavalry (that involved a horse) and served Britain in France. I also have the privilege of having known a man who served in WW2 and was taken prisoner on foreign shores and had written his memoirs just for his family. I shall always thank him for letting me read his handwritten book about being taken prisoner in Japan. He didn't seek notoriety. He just wrote his words very privately in the hope this wouldn't/couldn't happen again and he wanted his younger family to know and never to forget.

Perhaps we forget that those of us in our 50's, 60's and 70's have family that went through two World Wars. Some of the unfortunate buggers fought in both.

So what did they fight for? That's the BIG question. I'm glad my parents are not here to see what their struggle achieved. It certainly wasn't what they'd hoped for.

Now we have a power struggle for a European super government and politicians from UK perhaps think that is ok. It's been hinted that Tony Blair is hoping for the top job (I do hope he had a crisis of conscience today when he laid a wreath on the Cenotaph).

Let us not forget that it worked much better when we all had our own identity as an individual country. What we have now is a diluted 'euro-culture' and the EU (how can that work!) with all of the countries in Europe that deserve their own cultural identity kow-towing to some inept zealots who think it's all for our own good. Will the World Wars be banned reading in case it offends the new citizens of Supreme Europe?

France is suffering. Germany is suffering. The Netherlands is suffering. UK is suffering. Forgive me if I've left out other countries but these big economy countries are funding the disaster of thinking that Europe is a state in the making. Our respective countries are flooded with PC crap and Human Rights claims for those that are invited to join the EU from poor countries to invade our neighbourhoods, claim rights to our respective benefit/healthcare systems and over populate.

I want French people to be French. I want Germans to be German. I want Dutch people to be Dutch etc. I want each individual country to have its own identity. What I don't want is for anyone to think that there is ever a possibility of us all becoming Euro-dumbed-down citizens.

For anyone thinking I have left out other countries I've done it because my pose would be too long.

There is something very, very important to remember and that is those countries outside Europe who lost lives in the World Wars. The Canadians, The AnZacs, the South Africans, the many, many countries that lost lives. They were all represented today at the ceremony.

Lest we forget.

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