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Witness reported damaged car outside 5a at time Madeleine's went missing

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Witness reported damaged car outside 5a at time Madeleine's went missing

Post by Lindyloo on 08.11.12 23:38

Something that has always stayed in my mind was reading somewhere...soon after Madeleine went missing, that a witness said they saw a car parked outside the Mccanns appartment that looked like it had been in an accident. It had considerable damage to the side. I have been seaching for that article on and off for years now and its not to be found. I have always remembered that, but can't think where I read it. Does anyone else recall that.

I believe the Mccanns had use of a car the week they arrived as one of there friends stated in their original witness statement that he drove the kids to there groups on the Weds morning.....can't remember who it was but that too can't be found. Does anyone remember that as well.

I think Madeleine was injured in a car and died in the appartment


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