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A message to Britain's Media from the forum owner

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Re: A message to Britain's Media from the forum owner

Post by DENNISSALLY on 20.06.16 1:18

I am aware am a couple of years out in writing this post however, I have read through this forum and its ok to do this so apologies for being late and off the mark.
Congrats Jill a perfectly worded letter straight to the point and your honesty is screaming out throughout.
HiDeHo thanku as its because of your videos on Utube that my interest in the Madeleine McCann case came about and I honestly thought when viewing them that it could not be true that everything that I read in the English and Irish papers were in some ways fabricated.
My first inkling that something did not ring true with the mainstream media was when I was watching the 9/11 truthers come forward to voice their expert opinion, and then I watched the fascinating Maud Dib video about the London bombings by the brilliant Richard D Hall and then I realised that you do not believe everything you read in the papers.
So many people who buy a newapaper take it for granted that it's the whole truth and nothing but the truth and I was one of them but now I realise that we have to show the mainstream media that we are not buying what they print anymore and whether it be word of mouth or speaking out in this way through forums twitter etc that those people who write and dare to put it to paper have to back up their words with facts.
Thanks Jill Tony and HiDeHo and the rest for writing facts and showing facts based on the Portuguese police findings and daring to challenge the mainstream media and by not being afraid to speak your truth on behalf of all of us and I for one would love to make my friends believe that everything you read is not necessary true.


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Re: A message to Britain's Media from the forum owner

Post by plebgate on 18.02.17 22:54

I came across this thread again whilst searching the site and thought I would give it a bump for all newbies to the site.


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