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Post by Swizzlestick on 18.10.12 15:57

Just from what I can gather, as I don't have the time to dedicate to it further:-

I read something recently about George Laird commentating that Gerry McCann had the look in his eyes of a shark, i.e. cold. Funnily enough, I got the same image when I saw a photo of him.

I think the only people who can be relied upon in the McCann's case are Jeremy Wilkins and the Smith family, as neither were part of the friends group.

Obviously, I don't know, but I think what could have happened, just knowing the rough info of it, was that the McCann's left the apartment for the tapas bar with Madeleine and twins asleep in their beds.

There have been suggestions that she died before this, but I suppose unless they have killed her, or she died from being overly medicated, I wouldn't have thought so.

Gerry McCann has done his check at 9pm and found Madeleine dead; possibly wandered out of the patio door and fallen down the stairs, and stumbled into the flower bed?

He may have tried to hide her body then.

I know that Jeremy Wilkins said that Gerry seemed unflustered at this time when he was talking to him on the street, but, I think it could be the case that he was able to compose himself for this period, as he seems able to at other what would be emotional...

He then could have gone to the tapas bar and reported, and arranged with the friends there, an abduction story, which they have gone along with because they too have left their children alone, and have been negligent....

With that in place, he then takes the body in the direction of the beach, inline with the Smith's sighting, and returns quickly.

Jane Tanners "sighting" seems like a nonsense.

As it was only Kate's finger prints found on the window to the bedroom, I think she may have opened it to add credibility to the abduction theory. Although, on an old Panorama clip, it shows just the shutter being up, and the window closed?

I think that part of the reason why they have not had the finger pointed at them so severely is because of their social-standing.

I wonder what the public and authorities responses would have been if it wasn't the Drs. Kate and Gerry, dining with their middle-class doctor friends at a tapas bar, with missing daughter Madeleine, but, Wayne and Sharon, unemployed, shunting it up in the local with their missing daughter Charmaine? (no offense to anyone called those names).

Even if after all this time, a body was found, would it give any indication of how or where she died?

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