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At holiday

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At holiday

Post by aniandr on 16.09.12 21:23

Just been on holiday with kids. During holiday i stop at a image of Girl that could look like Madeleine but at closer look not at All. The thing was first thing i did was looking at the eyes. And i thought damn parents are smart they even made mé check for her! Then i thought...Thats stupid. Who in hell would put a image of a missing Girl with an eyedefect up anywhere if you kidnapped her? Who would even let anyone take an image of her -even let her out? And it stroke mé, that showing her eyedefect in media is an stupid thing to do! Almost on the limit to evil. How Many days after she went missing was the eyedefect made public? If she wasnt dead that would deffo kill her. Unless ofcoz the parents knew she would never be found. But what date was the eyedefect made public?


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Re: At holiday

Post by Guest on 16.09.12 21:36

The eye defect was made public immediately. Here's a link to a story from 6th May 2007.

There then followed a massive publicity campaign to emphasise the defect.

However, in 2011 the McCanns said in an interview that they'd never made too much of it because it was hardly noticeable!!!

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