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Judge Peter Bowers

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Judge Peter Bowers

Post by Invinoveritas on 06.09.12 19:49

How far are we prepared to defend our homes?
for the record, if someone tried to break into my home, then I would defend it with all means available to me, the same goes for all my property, also for my freedom of speech, where has the UK come to that victims have less to say than criminals?

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Re: Judge Peter Bowers

Post by uppatoffee on 06.09.12 19:59

Sometimes I wonder if these judges actually live in the real world. If I was one of Rochford's victims I would be furious. It shows a complete lack of thought for the victims of his crimes, who have had their houses turned upside down, while Rochford took what he wanted to feed his drug habit.

Why dont these people think before they speak???

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Re: Judge Peter Bowers

Post by sharonl on 06.09.12 20:52

I suppose that it is comforting to know that our dear Prime Minister actually does know right from wrong after all.

He may be correctly slamming a judge for condoning burglary, but as a taxpayer who has contributed to a very expensive and inefficient review of a very serious case in order to assist the family, two of which are prime suspects, I feel that I have been robbed or at least cheated.

Aren't Camerons actions in condoning the behaviour of the two prime suspects in a missing child case, regardless of all the available evidence, just as bad or even worse than that of this judge?

Is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

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