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My Theory

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My Theory

Post by portugalphilip1 on 18.07.12 0:01

So you have a hyperactive daughter and you want to go and get drunk while on holiday.

You take with you some drugs ( You happen to be a doctor with access to drugs.) to calm the child down while you go to get drunk.

Then you give the child some drugs and she falls over leaving a blood stain or two after the drugs have been administered.

Now as a highly paid doctor do you admit the truth , risking your carreer or do you make up a story and fool a few people risking not much as the evidence will be hidden for a long time ??

Now you wait 40 minutes from the alleged abuction giving any of your helpers plenty of time to do your dirty work.

The body of the child has already been taken by sea ( I need a time line for this evidence.) to be dumped earlier in the day.

Then with all the evidence gone ( i.e. drugged childs body.) you are free to act your story out knowing that the chances of being caught are minimal.

The Police search for all possible avenues of an abductors escape route , while you happily realise that the child is dead and buried , and your carreer is safe , after all you still have 2 other children.

If anyone can find a gap in the Mccanns time line for this to happen please let me know i.e. dumping body at sea.


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