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Faked Abduction update

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Faked Abduction update

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 07.03.10 20:48

This has been posted on the Faked Abduction site. It doesn't seem to be a plagiarism of Goncalo and AnnaEsse's work, after all, as the chapter titles are completely different.

Book Latest
After getting off the phone with the printer this morning (Friday March 5), we have been assured that the first deliveries of the book will be here on Thursday March 11.

The first orders will be shipped on this date and apologies for the long delay.

The online store will become active from Tuesday March 9. The postage and packing considerations have been complicated, and for now, European customers will be served from the USA. We are looking to source printing companies in the UK, Germany and Portugal. Once that is established, post & packing costs should be more economical. As the book is over 500 pages, it is quite a weighty tome!

To order from the store, customers will have to register with this site and the books will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. To register, use the link in the sidebar over there on the right hand side. There is no charge for registration but when the online store is activated, you must register with the site first.

The Book Contents
Here is the chapter listing:

British Establishment Cover-ups
Maddie: A Name the Media Invented
The Police Conclusions
How the Story Unfolded
Experts in Propaganda
The Locations and People
A Neighbor Hears Crying
An Obsession with Lawyers
The Five Photographs
Payne & McCann Allegations
Dogs Don’t Lie
The Weekend of June 9 – 10
McCanns on the Oprah Show
Letter to the Madeleine Fund
Gerry’s Blogs and Kate’s Diary
The Official Fund
The Arguido Interviews
Dealing with a Corpse
Flaws in Gonçalo Amaral’s thesis
Interesting Details from the Files
The Author’s Conclusions

Appendix A: Timeline 2007-2010
Appendix B: Timeline May 3, 2007
Appendix C: Tavares Almeida’s Report
Appendix D: Mark Harrison’s Report
Appendix E: Martin Grime’s Profile
Appendix F: Documentaries & Interviews
Appendix G: Kate Healy’s Bible
Appendix H: Justice Hogg’s Judgment
A few book Highlights:

Copious footnotes and cross references to verify sources
Correspondence from Peter McCann of Castle Craig about his relationship with Gerry McCann
The statements deliberately held back from the Portuguese police by Leicester Constabulary
The blatant discrepancies in the Tapas Nine witness statements
Jane Tanner’s conflicting statements
Did Kate falsify legal documents?
Where did Gonçalo Amaral go wrong?
Correspondence from the Masonic law firm entrusted with setting up Madeleine’s Fund
Gordon Brown’s wife and the fellow Bristol University graduate behind the Madeleine Fund
Information about other appalling British Establishment cover ups including Dunblane, Omagh and the recent shock Hollie Greig case
But remember…

According to Clarence Mitchell in the Sun newspaper on January 27, 2010, all the allegations in Faked Abduction are entirely untrue.

Find out for yourself.

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Re: Faked Abduction update

Post by Estelle on 08.03.10 7:12

Thanks, Jill. There are some very interesting chapter heading there.

This one specially interests me:

"Gordon Brown’s wife and the fellow Bristol University graduate behind the Madeleine Fund"

What is that all about?

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Re: Faked Abduction update

Post by whoknowsthetruth on 08.03.10 11:02

I believe it when someone who has bought it shows it on here. All piss and wind really i think


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Re: Faked Abduction update

Post by WOODWARD on 08.03.10 12:18

Not to worry,someone will write another based on the geography of the area ,the layout of the flat,the testimony of the friends,the claims of the mccanns in their various interviews and documentaries and those crucial indications of the cadaver dog

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Re: Faked Abduction update

Post by whoknowsthetruth on 08.03.10 12:42

All crap then really.


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