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Announcement from Tony Bennett Mm11

Announcement from Tony Bennett Regist10

Announcement from Tony Bennett

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Announcement from Tony Bennett Empty Announcement from Tony Bennett

Post by Guest on 16.07.12 12:32

This from Tony today ...........

"Tony Bennett has informed CMOMM Admin that the two-day committal-to-prison trial in the case of McCanns v Bennett is now likely to be held in October this year".

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Announcement from Tony Bennett Empty Re: Announcement from Tony Bennett

Post by pennylane on 16.07.12 14:59

Thank you Candyfloss xx.

Dear Tony,

Wishing you all the very best, now and in the future, and most particularly for your upcoming trial in October.

I am praying that you will prevail and that the ruling will go in your favour. I feel strongly that you will be vindicated.

Announcement from Tony Bennett 83453

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Announcement from Tony Bennett Empty Re: Announcement from Tony Bennett

Post by tiny on 16.07.12 15:03

good luck tony, if the truth is told then you will win this case hands down

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Announcement from Tony Bennett Empty Re: Announcement from Tony Bennett

Post by ProfessorPPlum on 16.07.12 15:40

Tony, I've not followed every turn of your case but I support you and I do think it is outrageous that the charge of 'libel' is being used to try to prevent ordinary people from speculating about a possible sequence of events in an unsolved case of a missing child.

Unless I'm mistaken, there are several components of a successful prosecution for libel. One is that the statements being uttered are demonstrably false (where the truth of those statements is, of course, an absolute defence). The second as I understood it is that the person making those statements is proven to be doing so with a wilful intent to harm the interests of the person libelled. A third is that the statements made are presented as absolute fact rather than as reasonable opinions about a person & situation in the public domain.

The pro-McCann lobby seems to assume that the second part (a wilful intention to damage the McCanns) is common to all of us who question their version of events. How stupid and how revealing of the agenda of those posters. Just think about it: what the ---- would disparate, ordinary and totally unconnected people like us have against the McCanns? Until they caused the disappearance of their child, nothing. After they caused the disappearance of their child - a lot. And in particular, I see that we're united in our disgust at their apparent refusal to take any responsibility.

But that shared disgust does not equal an intent to harm their interests. If, in your case and others, a desire for the truth, justice and enforced accountability gets substituted with 'a desire to harm the interests' then we're all lost and for obvious reasons.

Wishing you well Tony, and a promise that I'll be following your case and doing what I can to stand up for the principles involved. Rest assured people of the pro-McCann camp, they have nothing to do with my horror at the McCanns' decision to leave their children unattended - if, indeed, that is what happened.


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