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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Mm11

The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Regist10

The dogs and the "Towel"

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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Empty Re: The dogs and the "Towel"

Post by jd on 28.09.12 1:55

@Zozo wrote:Thanks JD

I appreciate a lot your clarification.

Thank you Zozo. Just giving my opinion from the obvious and as realistically as possible from the known facts. The confusion the mccanns and their cronies give is imo to it cloud over, I guess this is the whole point of their abduction fairy story

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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Empty Re: The dogs and the "Towel"

Post by tigger on 28.09.12 6:36

They 'wanted' the dogs - which means they were prepared for them imo.

3rd of May 2007
23.40 Gerry calls Trish Cameron (11.13 minutes)
Sandy Cameron statement: “On the night of Thursday, May 3, 2007, Patricia received a telephone call from Gerry informing us of the disappearance of Madeleine. Gerry manifested all those emotions one expects from a father who has lost a child in the circumstances. He was distraught and spoke at the same time he cried. He seemed frustrated with the slowness of the searches in Portugal, with the fact that the borders had not been closed, and with the fact that sniffer dogs were not being used. Patricia and I contacted the British Embassy to try and help in this regard.”

But that call had been deleted from the mobile. It was made however, since the 23.40 call does appear on the pings.
His second call to Cameron was at 00.05. Three seconds.

It now occurs to me - thanks to jd and other bright lights here - that the whole Smith performance was specifically to get dogs to follow that trail. Perhaps the necessary towel was ready and waiting for the dogs.
For if dogs had been deployed that night it is very likely that they would have followed the scent into PdL. Now the man and child who were seen by the pizza seller get more interesting too. Coming back via the beach would lose the scent if you walked through the sea.
Perhaps we need to look at this again.

See also 'Dogs, more dogs, fridges and apartments'

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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Empty Re: The dogs and the "Towel"

Post by sami on 28.09.12 7:26

I have never doubted that the whole towel thing was a set up by the McCanns. Gerry has long led us to believe he "asked" for the dogs. He never specifically says Eddie and Keela, but when the subject of dogs is discussed (and usually when "the dogs" are talked about it is those two dogs being referred to, imo) Gerry is quick to say he asked for them. He asked for these dogs. We know also he had an image in his mind of what should happen when somebody goes missing, closing of borders, helicopters, indeed the FBI according to Gerry, and of course dogs. Not EVRD though.

As far as I undersand these dogs, they work in a number of ways. One type by sniffing the air and obtaining a live scent, others sniff using skin particles etc that we shed into the atmosphere as we go about our daily business. Not a very technical explanation I know, sorry.

We know little Madeleine did the same thing, in the same places, every single day. You would expect therefore that her scent would be stronger along the paths she normally used, as she did so repetitively for almost a week. Should there not have been a relatively strong scent somehwere within the Ocean Club complex ?

Maybe my understanding of the description on what happened is wrong but these dogs did not appear to get a strong scent at all. Either she was not there, the dogs are usesless or the towel they were given to work with was contaminated with mutiple scents or another persons altogether. My vote is another person altogether.

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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Empty Re: The dogs and the "Towel"

Post by Hummingbird on 28.09.12 18:28

Great thread and very thought provoking.

What bothers me is this - if as the McCanns claim MM was abducted and carried out of the apartment (as also JT claims) then the dogs would have no trail to follow as she was carried and didn't walk.

The last known place that MM attended - so we are lead to believe - is the creche, so she walked there and or walked back - so surely the dogs would have picked up that scent and followed that straight to the creche.

As they seem not to have followed the last known steps of MM then the scent on the towel cannot have been hers and is the trail up to the apartment upstairs not that of GM or KM who for some reason have been up there in the last few hours of that evening?? And to do what??


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The dogs and the "Towel" - Page 3 Empty Re: The dogs and the "Towel"

Post by sharonl on 23.02.20 22:44

Going back to this topic,

On this evening Kate is supposed to have bathed all 3 children whilst Gerry was playing tennis.  David Payne was supposed to have called around as Kate was just taking a shower herself.

Having bathed the three children, she would have put towels around them all and dried them before dressing them.  Quite a job really for one person on their own.  The towels would probably have been dropped to floor and picked up once all the kids were dressed.  Then what did she do with them? Bundle them all up together and put them to wash? Put them back in the bathroom?  How would she know who used which towel? What about her own scent? She would have wiped the kids.  What if one of the kids dropped their towel and she picked up Madeleines to finish drying them?

The idea of giving the dogs a towel is ridiculous.  And didn't both Kate and Gerry go in the direction of the supermarket earlier?  In that case, well done to the dogs, they followed someones scent and ended up at the same supermarket.  There you go Gerry, not so unreliable, are they?

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