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Baby Monitor & Millenium

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Baby Monitor & Millenium

Post by Hummingbird on 15.07.12 10:39

I was under the impression that the groups initial intention was to eat a the Millenium Restaurant, breakfast & dinner, as it was here that the meals were provided but that after the Saturday evening the McCanns decided it was too far to walk as they had forgotten to bring a buggy for the 3 very young children they had with them, even though we hear that some time during the holiday they borrowed or hired one from MW!
They knew before going on holiday there was no baby listening service.
They tell us the only reason they stopped eating at the Millenium was the distance.
The reason why they booked the Tapas and 'forced' a block booking was to be near to the children so they could check (listen in) on them regularly.

It was obviously not the intention before the trip to leave the children alone every night as they believed they would all eat at the Millenium, prior to arrival.

So why did the Paynes and Tanner take monitors?

Either they knew that they were going to leave the children alone each night and the Millenium being too far is a made up story OR the two people who had monitors each had someone else's children in the room (e.g. Oldfields in with Tanners and McCanns in with Paynes or other way around?). and the Millenium is still a made up story!!

I cannot understand why you would take the monitors unless you knew your plans were to leave the children alone, and then it makes a mockery of the so called checks - no need to check if you have a monitor - we know the Paynes didn't.

Also, If only one of them had a monitor that was working (Paynes) and they were all in apartments in the same block how come on the night that Mrs Fenn says she heard a child cry for over an hour this wasn't heard on the monitor. Surely it would have picked up on other noise as apartments were close, and if she could hear it, surely the super duper monitor would have picked it up, especially as it got more intense??


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Re: Baby Monitor & Millenium

Post by One on 15.07.12 12:03

They'd be handy in the afternoon so the parents could sunbathe by the pool while the children were napping? The McCann's kids didn't nap so therefore they didn't need a monitor?

I'm thinking the monitor was used at night to communicate with the babysitter of the evening and perhaps this is why mobile phones weren't used as they'd interfere with the signal?

Some of the employee statements emphasized that the "checking" by the menfolk was really only in the previous few nights, could this have to do with the rapid fire messages that Gerry received on his phone on 2nd?


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