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We were taken on a ride

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Re: We were taken on a ride

Post by Guest on 08.09.12 21:39

I recall that Euan Blair gave an amended version of his name when he was arrested for being drunk and incapable. It must have been thought then that he had all the makings of a successful politician but instead he went into banking!

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Re: We were taken on a ride

Post by mira2 on 19.12.12 22:23

Ross on Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:20 pm

I have read through this thread and am concerned that some posters appear to be in danger of wandering off the reservation. Stop this immediately! Believe what you are told! We live in a democracy and Parliament exists to express the will of the people. The courts are there to pursue justice without fear nor favour. Nothing is hidden, we live in a free, open and fair society. The news is true, history is true and everything you were taught in school is true. There is no plot. There is no conspiracy. All is well with the world.

Carry on.
Evening all.
It is good to see that you guys are still banging on and that Jill (right spelling?) is one of this little planets givers. The more heart givers WE the dying planet have the better chance that Armadeddon can be averted and not only our children, but generations to come can live in a world that is not SO polluted, SO barren and stripped bare of anything that could remotely resemble a stone making life itself impossible.
Ross ........(I like it!) all is indeed as was intended and the minions have fallen into line.
Getting back to the Madeleine affair............few months ago picking up on the Leveson enquiry.........which I referred to earlier on........I realised that this was just going to be another taxpayer funded confuse the masses, make them think that they have a say, in order to shut them up lark.
To be honest I do not blame the politicians out there, after all they, just like we are attempting to make a living. It is not their fault that we the masses are not prepared to engage ourselves openly and gere the future of politics.
We have to engage, we have to decide who are the bad guys and who are the good guys out there, we have to make our voice heard. Our children and their childrens future demand that of us.
I have said it before and I will say it again, did Madeleine ever exist? and if she did why were her parents so willing to spin the tale that the kiddies welfare amounted to doors left unlocked, male holiday mates given the task of checking on the kiddies (all under 4 years of age), so much checking that no way could these little babies come to harm. Well excuse me ..........I have seen the elephant in the room. Ad up the adults, add up their professionals, add up New Labours secretive NHS agenda back then (came to light much later later on) you tell me how a group of around 6 UK medical professionals just so happened to be in Praia that week, who was paying for the jaunt? and why was Clarence Mitchell promoted from his New Labour bullshitting role to Gerry and Kate Mc Canns man of the moment.
These are questions we need to be asking. not a leader...he has made an absolute fool of himself running around the middle east trying to sell arms to states that are supposedly unstable, when on the other hand he is siding with the yanks ..........we all know that American policy is decided by JEWS. We all know by now that Murdoch was a cancer(right wing republican) If it were not for Thatcher, we would not have the legacy we have today, a media outlet i.e Murdoch empire whose share of the media here in UK, provided it with the dictate to control the agenda. That agenda was Jews are the good guys, just one death is headlines, whereas the death of Muslims whether it be one or thousands is justified.

Madeleine supposedly disappeared may 3 2007, and 5 years down the line the UK have yet to provide the Portuguese investigation with crucial information that might just help in solving this case. The question is why has the UK authorities stood in the way of getting to the facts in this case. They want to spend our hard earned dollars investigating Sir Jimmy Savile, who just so happens to be dead, and not likely to reappear anytime soon to serve any sort of sentence i.e. 14 weeks sweeping the streets and a bigger threat than he was before.
We need answers. We need to know why the UK Govrerment of the day put the interests of Group of UK NHS medical profesionals before that of a missing UK child, we need to know why a change of Government has left us with the same old same old. Did Murdoch take Madeleine?


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