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News article regarding possible body picked up on another forum.

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News article regarding possible body picked up on another forum.

Post by Pershing36 on 05.07.12 10:46

Picked this up on another forum.

"After exhaustive study of the land of Praia da Luz, Lagos, and the changes that is has suffered in five years, and using images he aquired from Google , the entrepreneur Stephen Birch was taken to
the yard of the englsih Robert Murat
about two weeks, until .
The South African man, a lover of the mystery of the disappearance of Maddie and the involvement or not of her parents, decided to set up surveillance of the nearby Ocean Club, where the British girl was taken May 3, 2007.
And as soon as the english left the house at dawn, Birch invaded the property with a geo-radar machine,
aving participated to the Policia Judiciaria (kinda of Scotland Yard) that he believes he believes to have discovered there the corpse of Madeleine."

What you guys think?

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Re: News article regarding possible body picked up on another forum.

Post by Guest on 05.07.12 11:31

Aquila your comment deleted.

Locking this thread as Carly has opened the same topic in Latest news.

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