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Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau Mm11

Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau Regist10

Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau

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Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau Empty Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau

Post by Guest on 27.06.12 9:58

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two

What had been happening during that August?
Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau Fibbers_thumb%25255B3%25255D

August 8 2007 – nothing happened really.
We had the Huelva affair of the police descent on their villa to seize their possessions, resulting, as Kate McCann tells us, in the famous “necessary lie”. And what else does she tell us? Why, that on August 8, two weeks before Gerry McCann said phlegmatically and confidently that official channels showed they weren’t the focus of the police investigation, this was going on:

Kate McCann: “There had been a shift in the investigation, they [the police, i.e. official channels] they said…my breathing pattern altered…the sirens in my head were deafening…I was on my own and afraid…tell us everything that happened after the children went to bed…they proposed that when I put Madeleine to bed that night it wasn’t actually the last time I’d seen her… the police responded by just staring at me and shaking their heads…I was reeling with confusion, disbelief and panic…they pressed me…Neves stated bluntly that they didn’t believe my version of events…I was sobbing now, well past the stage of silent tears and stifled sniffs…I began to wail hysterically, drawing breath in desperate gasps…I was in no doubt now that they were trying to make me say I’d killed Madeleine.”

Just another routine day on the sunny Algarve, then.

Well it certainly was according to Gerry McCann. For what did Gerry have to say in his blog for that day, a day in which he had joined the stricken and hysterical Kate McCann, whose eyes “were swollen and sore”, to be grilled in his turn on the events of May 3 and had pleaded ”through his tears” with the police officers to tell him if they had any evidence that the child was dead. This is Gerry’s account of that stunning episode on his blog:

Gerry McCann: “At our meeting with the Portuguese police today we reaffirmed that we have to believe Madeleine is alive until there is concrete evidence to the contrary.”

Is that a reasonable, truthful, even a sane description of events? Doesn't even the memory of what his wife had been through that same day break through this glacis of implacable deceit? Nope. Feelings don't matter; feelings are for hiding; feelings may betray. Or maybe feelings don't exist

And Kate? What about her talent for adopting Menezes’s “normal behaviour…as can be amply concluded from witness statements”? We already know – she’s right up there with Gerry, masking her real feelings and inner turmoil on demand so successfully that the media were full of annoying – to her – charges that she was “cold” and “poker faced” after witnessing her TV appearances for months. On page 122 of Madeleine she says that’s because of the famous advice she’d received that any display of emotion might be picked up on by the abductor. Exactly: when there was a pressing reason to mask her emotions she was superb at doing so: feelings might betray. Or maybe feelings don't exist.

And look at this gem of a passage as another example of the slow self-strangulation, when she was asked at Leveson about those terrible days and the appalling, vicious and ludicrous headlines that the gutter press were pushing out..

Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau KM_thumb%25255B2%25255D

Kate McCann at Leveson helping Gerry's nose grow

Mr Jay: We're going to look at that particularly in a moment. In paragraph 40, however, you refer to one piece in the Evening Standard, which is I think the very day you were declared arguidos, 7 September 2007: "Police believe mother killed Maddie."

Kate McCann: Mm.

Mr Jay: Was that the first time that point was made so baldly and so falsely?

Kate McCann: There's been so many headlines of similar gravity that I can't tell you honestly whether that was the first time…”

It’s not surprising that Kate McCann went “Mm” and wasn’t too keen to talk about that headline in the context of the “disgraceful and made up stories that the UK media” were supposed to be guilty of. Perhaps she'd forgotten but it came from, her!

It was one of the stories in the co-ordinated leaks to the world’s media that Justine McGuiness and the family had put out that day under Kate’s instructions. In perhaps the most egregious of all the secrecy breaches that summer, it was Kate's version of what the PJ had accused her of the previous night, including her claim that they had accused her of killing the child.

On page 246 of Madeleine, Friday morning, September 7,Kate McCann: "for a good couple of hours we were on the phone, calling family and friends to make them aware of the situation and to give them the green light to voice their outrage and despair if they wanted to. Nobody needed a second invitation. They'd all been struggling to contain their concerns for a long time.

Justine arrived to help. While Gerry talked again to Bob Small she was ringing selected editors in the UK."

The Standard had picked up the feed and published it the same day!

And Finally

Finally we have an example of dishonesty that pulls all these disturbing threads together.

Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau 2fibs_thumb%25255B2%25255D

May 22 2007 Gerry McCann lying about detectives

May 22 2007

Ian Woods (Sky News): "Gerry, I know that you've been getting lots of money in. People will want to know how you're going to spend that. I mean, I know, one of the thoughts was to hire private investigators. Is that the case and what input do you think they can have that perhaps the Portuguese police haven't had to date?"

Gerry McCann: Taking your question on, back to the private investigators. I'd like to reiterate what we've already said. The thrust of this investigation will be the criminal investigation which is being... errr, run by the Portuguese police with assistance from the British police.

Regarding the specific point about the private investigators, we've taken advice about the level and the extensive resources both in this country and in the UK which are being... errr, directed and... to Madeleine's search and, at this stage, we don't see a role for private investigators."


Jane Hill (BBC news): And... and some of that support has translated into a lot of money that's gone into the fighting fund, I think nearly £300,000 has been pledged, so far. What of the reports that say, perhaps... those people who suggest that some of that money could be sensibly spent on things like private investigators, for example.

Gerry McCann: Well, you know, the fund, errm... was really... really evolved to provide an oulet for people who wanted to contribute financially and these offers, errr... will help us and are helping us and that has helped us to bring in quite a comprehensive legal team and independent sector, errr... consultants as to what we could and should be doing.

I did, errr... address this and the situation hasn't changed that, at this time, with the huge amount of resource from the police, errr... both in the UK and Portugal that the advice is that private investigators will not help. I personally, and we, believe that it's the public who hold the key to this; someone knows something and we would urge that if anyone has any information to come forward and anyone who's been in this area, within the two weeks leading up to Madeleine's disappearance, to come forward if they haven't already done so and upload those pictures."

Now we won’t bother ourselves with whether Dr McCann had deliberately asked for a question about private investigators to be put to him for reasons that will become clear below, as its suspicious inclusion by two journalists suggests. But the lie about PIs and the evidence for it? Step forward once again, Kate McCann.

Over a week before the McCanns had already started using detectives from Control Risks, as she tells us on pages 124-126 of Madeleine.

It doesn’t end there. To demonstrate the web of deception we have this extract from The Times in September 2007. Newspapers are never primary sources; we quote this one nonetheless because it was a deliberate feed from Gerry McCann to one of the journalists he maintained for that purpose, passed to the journalist by Mitchell and with the latter's golems all over it – link here. Control Risks Group
The Times: “Control Risks are one of the groups who've offered their services to the McCanns," he [Mitchell golem] said. "You can assume that they are doing some things that the Portuguese police can't do."
Friends of the couple [golems] said the decision showed that they believed Madeleine may still be alive 144 days after she was reported missing from the bedroom of her holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

Mr McCann first contacted private investigation companies less than three weeks after his daughter was reported missing on May 3 [before May 22] because of concerns that the Portuguese police were not properly checking out all reported sightings. But he had publicly to deny that they were using private detectives when Portuguese police said it would be against the law.”

Well, well, well. Gerry McCann, who of course was still under arguido secrecy rules that September, is confirming once again what we have detailed – that, despite his on-oath denials, the rules did not prevent him from communicating about the case whenever he wished. But, tellingly, he also admits that he lies to cover his law-breaking, using once more the phrase “he had to” as if there were no alternatives.

He confirms, in other words, the troubling fact that he lies to cover law-breaking, a point of some importance to the conclusions of the Archiving Summary.

And finally, because the lies have almost become an uncontrollable world of their own, the pair give us more. The lie which, he told the Times man, had been told to conceal his criminal act was not the right lie! Instead of illegally and secretly turning to private investigators because the PJ “were not checking out all reported sightings”, there was apparently a different reason, or lie, as Kate McCann tells us on page 126 of Madeleine:

Kate McCann: ”By the Sunday evening we found ourselves giving our statements again, this time to a couple of detectives from Control Risks. We were concerned that parts of the statements we had made to the Portuguese police , especially on that first day,” she claims, “might have been lost in translation. We also felt that these accounts were not particularly thorough and wanted to have every detail we could remember registered properly.”

If this concluding example proves anything it is that persistent liars will eventually strangle themselves in their own web of deception. Their words, the words that told the police of the abduction evidence, are utterly and completely worthless; they provably lie about everything – apartment door keys, checking, visits from journalists, their own police statements, their interrogations, their own illegal acts, even lies about why they lie, their states of mind, everything. They cannot help themselves.

And so it is they and they alone who have turned this whole case into a Hall of Mirrors. As they once laughingly said to a newsman, unaware of what they were really confessing, “if we knew we wouldn’t tell you”. Clearly that applies to the events of May 3 2007.

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Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau Empty Re: Slowly strangling in their own words–Part Two by Blacksmith Bureau

Post by uppatoffee on 27.06.12 11:13

Perhaps NSY could ask Blacksmith to join their investigation team. I'd love to see him interview the McCanns. The way he uses their own words to pull apart their stories is quite incredible. He just makes the inconsistencies so apparent. Let's hope Redwood and his team are equally on the ball!

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