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for the benefit of Carter-Ruck. Your clients LIE

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Re: for the benefit of Carter-Ruck. Your clients LIE

Post by ShuBob on 24.06.12 15:07

Yeah but would he have expected Gerry to immediately contact the police and correct his statement? IMO, DJS and all others like him have an obligation to hand over all the details of interviews with the McCanns to the police.


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Re: for the benefit of Carter-Ruck. Your clients LIE

Post by aiyoyo on 26.06.12 3:05

@tigger wrote:
@PeterMac wrote:He was rung very early in the morning, grabbed his bag, and went.
For me the question has merely been put back a step.

Who knew that M would not be found ? Within a couple of hours, dead at the bottom of a trench, dead by the side of a road hit by a car, floating in the sea, alive and playing hide and seek, alive in the local hospital, alive at the Police station trying to find out who she was, alive with a kindly neighbour waiting for first light to ring the police and say they had found her wandering ......

Who managed to convince the Sun, Mail, Sky et al. that she had been "abducted' and was not simply missing.
How did they convince the media of this within a few hours, so that the media would spend money on sending a journalist from an another country to investigate.

Someone already knew? Someone who might also have alerted the British Ambassador to Portugal so that he too, could arrive early in PdL. Imo the ambassador was told to go, there's no reason why he should concern himself with these holiday makers - a job for the local consul - at most the Consul General.
It would fit the interwoven pattern of politicians and media at the top of the ladder as seen in many other cases.
Which also argues for a much earlier alarm call - well before 3/5. imo Priming the pump so to speak.

The thing I don't understand is who within the newspapers organisations (The Sun and the Mail) decides that sending a Brit journalist to rush by car from Spain to PDL is necessary when UK journalists could just as easily hop onto budget carriers and be in PDL in no time at all?

Why was Jon Corner sent? And, how come despite his being on the scene from the very early stage, on shift duty so to speak, he comes across, or rather he gives the impression that he's very naive about the circumstances of the case. Is he playing the blinder with PM?


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Re: for the benefit of Carter-Ruck. Your clients LIE

Post by tigger on 26.06.12 6:35

Well, he's there all the time - his articles would give local colour to the story on an ongoing basis and whatever he was 'given' as a story could then be quoted by pretty well anyone as having originated with him. A source which it would be useless to sue and would thus leave the big boys immune from prosecution.

Since reading the other articles I wish this man would have a wider readership except for McCann articles of course. His English is excellent and the articles on the Fitzpatrick girl are well researched. The Daily Mail lately seem to have lost the dictionary altogether - journalistic research having falling by the wayside long ago.

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Re: for the benefit of Carter-Ruck. Your clients LIE

Post by PeterMac on 26.06.12 8:46

Clarke not Corner



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