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The Snoopers Charter

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The Snoopers Charter

Post by rainbow-fairy on 09.06.12 1:54

Dear R******-J***,Our right to privacy is under threat. The government has confirmed it wants new powers to snoop on all of us whenever we use the internet. Soon they’ll start pushing the plans through Parliament. [1]We can stop these Big Brother plans - if enough MPs feel enough pressure to vote against them. So now’s the time to get clued up. We need to work out how to persuade every MP to vote to protect our privacy.David Davis MP is a senior Conservative, a former shadow Home Secretary and a long-time supporter of civil liberties. He’s hugely opposed to the government’s plans. He’s agreed to hold an online question and answer session with 38 Degrees members. It’s a chance to hear more about the snooping plan and how we can stop it.The live internet briefing will take place on Tuesday 12th June at 7pm. You can take part from in front of your computer, all you’ll need is an internet connection. Click to reserve your place and get instructions on how to join in: we’re trying to persuade MPs, where better to get insider knowledge than direct from an MP? And David Davis isn’t just any MP – he’s a prominent Conservative and a former minister. [2] He’s been on the receiving end of many 38 Degrees campaigns before. He'll be able to tell us what works and how to best respond to government spin.David Cameron claims his new plans to invade our privacy will make us safer. But really this is about Big Brother powers to spy on all of us, not just serious criminals. It’s the difference between treating all of us as citizens, and treating us as suspects. [3]38 Degrees members know better than anyone that the internet can be a force for good. It would be a disaster if the government got more powers to spy on it. So let's come together on the internet next week and prepare to stand up for our privacy online.Click here to reserve your place and get instructions on how to join: for being involved,Marie, David, Becky, Hannah, James, Cian, Belinda and the 38 Degrees teamPS: 38 Degrees members and David Davis MP probably wouldn't agree about absolutely everything. But 38 Degrees works with politicians of any stripe or party where they agree with our campaign aims. On the question of internet privacy, David Davis is on our side – so please join in next Tuesday and hear what he has to say:[1] Draft Communications Bill paper issued by government: Queen's Speech 'Surveillance of the entire nation'[2] Wikipedia page for David Davis MP[3] Liberty briefing on the new snooping plans

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Re: The Snoopers Charter

Post by Ribisl on 09.06.12 2:25

Thank you R-F for that piece of information. It's a subject of great concern for all of us whose work is conducted largely over the net, not to mention other private uses. I will be taking part if time allows.

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