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For Andy Redwood

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For Andy Redwood

Post by jd on 30.05.12 1:03

To Andy I know you are taking all physics & mediums extremely seriously and is the remit you are undertaking in your 'privileged' review of the missing Madeleine McCann case. I thought I should send you this for your immediate attention. This could be the lead you are looking for? Perhaps the Sun newspaper could print it on their front page as 'Maddie Alive!" with a Clarence Mitchell quote...What do you think?.

Madeleine was reported missing on 3rd May, 2007 after her parents realised she was no longer sleeping in their apartment room with her younger brother and sister, while their parents were having dinner in a restaurant while on holiday with their friends in Portugal.

You know, I would not like to blame anybody, therefore no names – except for Madeleine – will be mentioned in this article of mine.

I have been thinking for a few months whether to write about Madeleine’s disappearance, or rather be silent. I know that many people blame the parents for Madeleine being missing, but many people think they are innocent.

I do not know whether Kate McCann’s book is available in my mother tongue, but I want to read it as soon as I can. Of course, I have my own opinion, as well. I would not like to write it down here, just the facts that I get in my visions and insights. Anyway, I am curious about Kate McCann’s book.

I have to tell you that in February 2011 Madeleine constantly kept on talking to me. I hated this, because I did not want to deal with her case. I was frightened whenever she talked to me. It was difficult for me to accept that she is just a sweet and innocent child, who just wants to talk to somebody, because she is totally alone.

First, I want to begin with the summary of these conversations. They took place in February 2011, as I have already mentioned. I could see Madeleine squatting in a light forest, there was a small hut behind her. The Sun was shining through the leaves into the ground. Madeleine did not seem to be angry or sad at all. She was alone, waiting for someone to come.

B: - Hello, Madeleine.
M: - Hi!!!
B: - What are you doing here?
M: - Waiting for Daddy.
B: - For Daddy?
M: - Yes.
B: - Where are you now, Maddy?
M: - In a forest.
B: - Which forest?
M: - In a fo-rest. In a forest.
B: - Do you know this place? This forest? Do you know this place?
M: - Yes.
B: - Have you been there before?
M: - Yes.
B: - How did you get there before?
M: - With Daddy.
B: - What were you doing there with Daddy?
M: - Playing.
B: - Were you playing in the forest?
M: - Yes.
B: - Do you know this hut?
M: - No.
B: - But you say you have been there.
M: - Yes. Not in the hut, just playing in the forest with Daddy.
B: - Does Daddy know the hut?
M: - (Madeleine does not answer, as if she could not have heard the question)
B: - O.K. How did you come here, Maddy?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Maddy, did you come here with Daddy?
M: - Yes. To play in the forest.
B: - Can you tell me what happened to you?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Maddy, can you tell me something about sleeping in the evening?
M: - Yes.
B: - Do you like sleeping, Maddy?
M: - No.
B: - Do you like going to bed?
M: - No.
B: - Why not?
M: - I don’t want to sleep (here I can see Madeleine in a sleeping bag, its colour is yellow and white).
B: - Why not?
M: - I am not sleepy. Daddy gave me an injection.
B: - Injection?
M: - Yes.
B: - Why?
M: - Because I was ‘bad girl’. To be ‘good girl’.
B: - Bad girl?
M: - Yes.
B: - Why?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Daddy gave you an injection to become good?
M: - Yes.
B: - When did he give you an injection?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Maddy, did you get an injection before sleeping?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Maddy, have you got any brothers or sisters?
M: - (no answer)
B: - Maddy…
M: - Just Maddy.

During our conversation she kept on squatting, never stood up. I could see a teddy bear or a doll in her arms. I could not see it clearly because she kept hugging it close between her chest and her knees.

Well, I leave you have your own opinion about this conversation with Madeleine, I am going to write down my insights.

Unfortunately I am sure that Madeleine is no longer with us. I could see quite a lot of things in my insights which make me sure about it.

From the talking with Madeleine, it becomes clear to me that she does not know what happened. I think this is because she was sleeping when she was left alone. I also think she does not know she is no longer in her body, but keeps on hoping that her father will catch her one day. She is not aware of the siblings in our conversation, which makes me wonder. I think she was somehow left out of family life since the siblings were born. I am sure that she was given sleeping injections and that she was the kind of little child who annoyed her parents, because she wanted attention – which she did not really get, in my opinion.

Right… My insights and the pictures that I got in meditating about Madeleine are the following:

On the day of her disappearance she was given a sleeping injection, as usual. So she was sleeping deeply. I would not like to blame the parents in Maddy’s disappearance, so I would avoid talking about their apartment, still I am sure they hide something.

In my insights I can see Madeleine in a forest hut – this may be the same hut that she was talking about. She is taken there while sleeping. When she wakes up, she does not know where she is. She cannot go out or leave the hut, because there is a cuff on her left leg. The cuff is strengthened to something on the ground. There is a bottle of silent mineral water next to her, but she cannot open it. There is a teddy bear with her, as well. I can also see a drinking bottle for babies with some tea in it. She spends almost a month in this state. No one visits her, just a month later. A woman comes in, goes to Madeleine and squats down next to her. She (the woman) is crying for a few minutes but she has to hurry and does not want to waste her time. Madeleine cannot see her. She is unconscious at that time – maybe dead, but if so, she has just died or was given an injection to send her into death.

What follows is quite brutal, but I got these pictures, so I write them down. Madeleine is put into a black sports bag. The teddy bear is taken by the woman but not put into the bag. The scene is left behind and Madeleine is taken to another place. It is part of a rocky area next to the sea. She is given to someone else (I can see a man) and taken into the rocks. The two meet at this rocky area. They are in two different cars. I can see the woman’s car to be black, it is kind of a jeep with a huge bottom. I can see the man’s car to be a smaller one, it is red. I have the feeling this is not his own car but belongs to another woman.

I can see the following words in front of my third eye: “Forbidden for Public” and also “Caparica Bay”. Then I can see a cave at a higher rocky place. There is water at the bottom of the cave, but also rocks. The man is walking upright in the rocks, then goes into the cave. He does not have to go deep into it, the cave ends in a smaller gap after a few meters from the entrance. Madeleine is taken out of the bag and thrown down into the bottom of the cave. Her little body lands on the rocks, facing downwards. The black bag is thrown after her, it lands on another piece of rock, not in the water.

Well, these are the pictures I got, though I did not ask for them. I have a headache as I am writing these lines. I could see on Google Earth that Caparica is part of Portugal, I could see there are rocky areas there, too. I do not know whether there are any dangerous bays there, which are forbidden for public, but Madeleine should be searched there.

What I think is not nice at all. I think the people who took her in the hut wanted to wait until she is found or not. After not being found, they wanted to get rid of her body for some reason. Maybe to maintain that she is alive. She could have been found easier in the hut, but if she had been found before her death, it could have been said that it was a kidnap and fortunately little Madeleine was found. It did not happen so, but for some reason it was important that she should be considered missing but alive. So her body had to be hidden in a place where presumably no one will find her.

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Re: For Andy Redwood

Post by friedtomatoes on 30.05.12 1:19

oh dear! while he is at it he can read a tarot reading as well


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this man should be running the SY review!

Post by tigger on 30.05.12 7:20

If you run the 1.38 min video of the Chief Constable and the way he presents the case and the reason for it -----

he has my vote.

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