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The Paynes Oversized Apartment

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Re: The Paynes Oversized Apartment

Post by Nina on 25.05.12 9:48

candyfloss wrote:This is the story that appeared in the Sun........

7 kids were left in McCann flat


POLICE in Portugal piled fresh torment on Madeleine McCann’s parents yesterday by claiming SIX other kids were with her the night she disappeared.

The bizarre theory – that the couple’s friends left their own children in the fateful holiday apartment to go out – emerged as the country’s No2 cop took over the case of the missing four-year-old.

But police sources reportedly told Portuguese newspaper 24 Horas they had "significant evidence" that seven of the eight children in the group had been in the McCanns' apartment.

Reports suggest they did not give an explanation as to where the eighth child was.

Was the eighth child FP's poor baby laid in it's smelly nappy all alone in their apartment?

Not one more cent from me.

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Re: The Paynes Oversized Apartment

Post by Hummingbird on 25.05.12 9:55

candyfloss, a very interesting article and yes I think it is relevant we continue the discussion about where all the children were left and if it is at all feasible that they were all actually left in one apartment and even maybe with an adult with them?
Thing is, I am still very interested to know if anyone can shed any light on the 2 questions I originally asked at the beginning of this thread:

Why did FP say in her RI that they were the only couple who had booked a 2 bedroomed apartment?

We know that G & K had a 2 bedroomed (don't we?) because we have the seen the photos

Also my other query was why did DW sleep on the pull out bed in the lounge when there were 2 perfectly unused single beds in the 2nd bedroom. 1 child was in a cot in with her parents the other was in a cot in the 2nd bedroom leaving 2 empty beds.

As a granny myself I cannot contemplate sleeping on a pull out bed and probably having to make it and unmake everyday when I could have slept in a single bed in the same room as my grand daughter. I do not think that it would disturb a little one and if it did I'm her granny for heavens sake, I'd give her a little cuddle and settle her down!

So why the 2 spare and unused beds. Obviously this bought us on to whether all the children were left here every night but really I wanted to know if you had any suggestions as to why

1. the ref was made about them being the only ones to book a 2 bedroomed apartment
2. granny sleeps on a fold out bed

hope you are all enjoying this glorious weather!! big grin


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Re: The Paynes Oversized Apartment

Post by jmac on 25.05.12 10:46

Police sources reportedly told the Portuguese newspaper?

We are not told that `police sources told the Portuguese newspaper.`

It`s more distant than that. It`s more like some unnamed sombody reported unnamed police sources told the Portuguese newspaper.

The Sun is not to be trusted. It isn`t evidence of anything.


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Re: The Paynes Oversized Apartment

Post by tigger on 25.05.12 11:25

Although it would be nice to know how the children were really monitored and cared for, there isn't any hope that we will ever know for certain. Confusion - whether intentional or not - is something TM does fantastically well.

Sometimes I feel like one of those mediaeval philosophers discussing how many angels will fit on the top of a pin. I think though - that Rebello threw it into the mix, getting a stupid answer from Clarence (it's much more difficult to get seven children to sleep instead of one) but I think it was based on DNA evidence. So the PJ know, we don't. I would think that the DNA would have come from the bedding.

But the vital thing Clarrie missed was the number 7 not 8. I think they probably all slept together till the parents came to collect them, even the baby Grace. All except Maddie, who was in OC only a very short time. imo.

Don't forget about the two baby monitors, ROB and JT had one as well, although for some reason they were forced to deny this until after the Rothley meeting. JT is a very, very interesting person. Why on earth has she offered herself up on the altar dedicated to St. Kate?

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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