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BRAND NEW THEORY: The diabolical macplan uncovered?

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solved BRAND NEW THEORY: The diabolical macplan uncovered?

Post by Snifferdog on 14.05.12 8:14

I have an idea for a novel which I hoped to have out by the 8th of May, in hardcover and paperback, but it looks as though "Time has caught up with us"
Brief Outline:

The villains in the book I shall name Drs. Macbeth. They have a three year old daughter named Charity and a set of younger twins, brother and sister to Charity.
Although the Macbeths combined salary is very good by many peoples standards, they are in financial difficulties, due to partly to the large bond payable on an upmarket house they recently purchased. They needed a huge cash injection to obtain the social climbing high profile celeb lifestyle they so craved. Now Charity was not the daughter they had envisaged, a screamer, demanding and needy, a right royal handful, all she really needed was a little love and attention. It would have still been o.k., if they had not subsequently had twins, as two's company and three's a crowd (but I digress...). The Macbeths mulled over placing Charity into the care of relatives, with whom she spent most of her time anyway. They did not want to give her away for nothing, having had to feed and clothe her during her three short years. So after much deliberation they Made a Cunning Plan..... a way in which they could kill two birds with one stone.....To stage an abduction, start a campaign suckering decent people to donate money into a private fund masquerading as a charity and at the same time solve the problem concerning their 'difficult' daughter.

Now, The Macbeths had only been living in the area for about one and a half years. They realized that neighbours would not recognize their daughter Charity, or even know she existed, as she was hardly ever home, and could even be mistaken for a visiting relative........and they in turn, being rather removed somewhat, did not enjoy chit chatting with the Plebs, keeping mostly to themselves within the community, they therefore, felt safe in their evil scheme.

At the prospect of loadsa money they cracked open a bottle of NZ wine.

By the time they were onto their second bottle, they had already identified a destination. A friend who had a daughter of the same age and colouring as Charity, would fit the bill of a substitute Charity, and who would accompany them to their holiday destination instead. An added bonus would be that the child's father actually lived in the small foreign town which was to be their destination. It seemed perfect as he would be able to be of assistance with translations for the police, and help to relocate his daughter back home to mommy. His child would easily pass for Charity, as Charity's passport photo was taken when she was still a baby. They would have to move quickly though as her passport was due to expire soon.

Here is their plan in point form:

Gather a group of friends together and convince them to become accomplices, win them over with the promise of lotsa luvly lolly. (birds of a feather really do stick together.)

Win over substitute child's father with the promise of easy money.

Get hold of and study police manuals, learn new tricks and tips, find out that sea bass smells like cadaver etc. The possession of these books once discovered will have the added benefit of yet more media hype, playing right into their greedy hands.

Use information on key people to blackmail them into helping out where necessary.

Have composite photo shopped posters of Charity's Substitute, printed to distribute amongst the locals, at their holiday destination after proclaiming the abduction of little Charity.

Enlist the help of relatives and friends keen to get their snouts into the trough. (An apple does not fall far from the tree, but occasionally one rolls away.)
Use well placed relatives to obtain blackmail material, which can be used to extract support when needed.

Obtain a few classified manuals and books through connections to learn new tricks and tips. The possession of these books will create the desired speculation needed

Keep the substitute child in the creche every day, then the day before the abduction is announced, pack her off back to her father then takes her to another apartment/house located elsewhere, and when the coast is clear, return her home to her mother using her second passport, as she is a dual citizen.

To Create Red Herrings and False Trails:

Create confusing statements on the evening of the abduction. Make sure all timelines clash.

Smear sea bass which smells like cadaver, in strategic places around the rented apartment. Or obtain some offcut pieces of human flesh destined for the incinerator from the work/hospital. To be used to create cadaver odor in apartment and vehicle.

Use participating friends to plant disgusting stories of oneself and/or others. such as an mystery empty CATS file, or statements alluding to child abuse.

Put out confusing photo shopped images of substitute child, use make up to fuel child abuse claims, and create confusion as to what Charity really looks like

Obtain some blood from work , and or draw some blood from oneself, to be sprinkled on floor and walls in apartment and outside wall and pavement.

Use red herrings such as Charity's favourite blue blanket, make it disappear. Do the same with a golf bag. Contaminate clothes and soft toy with cadaver odour. Create more suspicions by washing and hiding articles.

Carry soft toy everywhier the wash it because it was bet

No DNA of Charity's in the apartment? Forgot to bring Charity's clothes, toiletries and shoes? never mind, it's all good, she actually usually shares these with her little twin sister anyway. Mess up the crime scene by inviting all and sundry to contaminate it. (As Mr Macbeth is wont to say; "Confusion is Good")

Wash curtains and clean apartment oneself to create more suspicion.

Throw some of Charities cut hair into the car boot.

If the police see a green golf bag, hide it.

Employ a lying spin doctor as a spokesperson.

Gain sympathy and sainthood by a visit to the pope, helps especially if one is unable to squeeze out a few tears.

Demand that the police bring in cadaver dogs in to prove their innocence. Then rubbish the findings

Make sure to collect enough money in the funds before manipulating the press and public opinion. Whip up speculation in any way possible by changing statements refusing to answer questions etc, anything as long as it brings results.

Put a reporter in your pocket. Offer her a round the world trip for her and her partner.

Use the fund to hire the best lawyers and sue, sue, sue. Use it as a cover for laundering newspaper "libel" payouts and other laundering.

Choose exotic destinations for sightings of Charity, but run the other way to remove suspicion of any self generated sightings. As an added financial bonus do a few well paid interviews at the same time to swell the coffers.

Pull strings in fact use any means available to get Charity made a Ward of Court, Which means she can be adopted by someone else. R

Viciously rubbish, besmirch, financially ruin and trample upon any group or individual trying to get to the truth.

I am sure there is loads more that one can come up with but that's the gist of the book, I wonder if it will be a Best Seller!


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solved Re: BRAND NEW THEORY: The diabolical macplan uncovered?

Post by Guest on 14.05.12 9:06

Yes, you're definitely on to a winner here! What actually happened to Sweet Charity though?

I'm sure that the various elements in this saga will crop up in fictional stories and programme for years to come. I've already seen a Law & Order episode which clearly was influenced by what are claimed to be real events.

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solved Re: BRAND NEW THEORY: The diabolical macplan uncovered?

Post by Snifferdog on 14.05.12 9:28

haha Jean

Little sweet Charity will find her way home or be miraculously found alive at around 15 to 16, and then we will surely be treated to the paedo captivity saga 24/7 whilst the mcs continue to rake millions off her back ad nauseum.

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