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Two News Items involving Children in Irish News Lately

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Two News Items involving Children in Irish News Lately

Post by tuom on 10.05.12 23:09

Over the past few weeks (and one quite recent) I have noticed two stories about Mothers and children in the Irish news , they were reported and have been dealt with and it seems that is that , nothing wrong but I just want to show that the appropriate outcome was achieved and rightly so:

1. A few weeks ago a German student studying in Ireland booked into a B&B with her newly born baby , she left the baby at the room in the B&B and took a flight home to Germany , the baby called Luke was discovered and cared for , the Mother has been reunited with her child, has received the relevant medical and mental health treatment , her parents , the Irish Embassy , the German Embassy have helped the family ........... end of very little publicity , clearly she needed help and thankfully has now received it.

2. Last night a woman was rescued after falling from a ferry and said that her baby was still in the water , a search was mounted , however and thankfully there was no baby , the woman has been arrested for wasting police time , however she will be receiving help......... end of .

Not nice stories but not dramas either ....... lesson to be learnt !!!

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