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Post by lisa1209 on 05.05.12 21:07

Hi, I completely agree that Madeleine's photos are strange, but when I look at the twins I'm confused too. All the photos were taken during a short time period. In the first picture there are the Mccanns coming back from Portugal as well as in the second pic. Sean is wearing the same clothes, but in the second pic there is clearly taller and older child. In the third picture Amelie seems to be taller than Sean. But in the fourth, the children are the same high and in the fifth you can see that Sean is a lot bigger than Amelie.
Here in the first and second photo there is surely the same Amelie. But that Amelie is not similar to Amelie number 3,5 and 6. In the photo 3 there is a girl looking a lot like Maddie, I'd say. And when you focus on the hair in pic 3 (taken on February 2010) and 4 (from the video from May 2011), is it possible that hair would grow up so quickly? Because in number 3 she has a fringe and in number 4 the part of her hair is plaited. What do you think?


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Re: twins

Post by Guest on 05.05.12 21:25

Welcome lisa1209.

I am locking this thread. The twins are part of this through no fault of their own. I don't want this thread going into pages and pages of disecting them in minute detail.

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