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Post by Kololi on 03.04.12 7:15

"According to the Hull Daily Mail, the judge, Recorder Paul Miller, told Palmer: "In the future put your children first - not having a good time."


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Post by rainbow-fairy on 03.04.12 15:11

Thanks for the link, Jean!
Aren't people sooo predictable? I said in another thread a few days back that were someone of a lower social class to the McCanns caught leaving their children alone, coupled with filthy slatternly habits (think encrusted unsealed nappies allegedly amongst piles of clothes in the back of your car -nice!) then there would be uproar, and at least one comment would endorse 'sterilisation for these people'. Well, I've not been disappointed...

I cannot believe that these poor children were given back to this dreadful woman. How likely is it that she will ever put her children first! Although it would be disruptive for the children, I think they should be taken into care and given the opportunity of a better life with adoptive parents who would love and take care of them. To have been let away with this abuse by being given a ‘constructive’ 12-month supervision order is an utter disgrace. It is only thanks to her vigilant neighbours that nothing dreadful happened to her children whilst she was out clubbing and getting wasted. This woman has no concept of how to be a good and caring mother to her children, therefore ensuring she cannot bring any more into this world (through sterilisation) would be of benefit to society as a whole. How can this type of thing be allowed to happen again and again in our so-called 'civilised' society ..........

- Rita, Ex Pat - Ireland, 03/4/2012 10:25. Click to rate⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Rating⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ 62 ⁠

You can't believe these things keep happening, Rita? Well, when we have an almost cult-like adoration of two parents who did much the same thing, who didn't even get near a courtroom until it was them suing people, what can we expect?
The McCanns are pitied and defended, yet the only people who should be pitied in that sad story are Madeleine and the twins.
Sad world indeed where its seen as ok to neglect your kids to the point one is no longer there, and you can be hero -worshipped for it, as long as you haven't committed the crime of being 'on benefits'.

"Ask the dogs, Sandra" - Gerry McCann to Sandra FelgueirasIntrestingly.... 670379

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