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Grandfather's medication?

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Grandfather's medication?

Post by turnaround on 29.03.12 14:07

I can't find anything on the medication found in the apartment. I know it was Kates grandfathers, i see the names of the meds on the vid, but has any reason been said about why they should take his medication away with them, as far as i'm aware he wasn't there was he?

Sorry if this has been answered before only I'm trying to put together a picture for printing


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Re: Grandfather's medication?

Post by Guest on 29.03.12 14:26

As far as I know, Kate has no living grandfather. I seem to remember something about medicine in the name of her father Brian Healy though. If I find it I'll add it on.

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Re: Grandfather's medication?

Post by Smokeandmirrors on 29.03.12 19:10

It was Kates fathers medication and it was issued by a chemist in Liverpool who by co-incidence, is called McCann. McCann is not that uncommon a surname in that part of the world. Can't even begin to remember what thread that was on but it was discussed a while back.

The truth will out.

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Re: Grandfather's medication?

Post by uppatoffee on 29.03.12 22:11

Tree is more information on this thread turnaround

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