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BELL POTTINGER - "The Devil's representative worldwide"?

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Re: BELL POTTINGER - "The Devil's representative worldwide"?

Post by espeland on 03.06.15 10:28

Except with the help of CMOMM, GA, McCann Files, RDH etc people are beginning to see through all that.

If GA gets the McCanns into a UK court and they overcome their propensity to lie they may 'tell all', but would the MSM report it? I fear we will never know everything. Not in my lifetime, anyway.



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Re: BELL POTTINGER - "The Devil's representative worldwide"?

Post by sallypelt on 03.06.15 11:33

@Tony Bennett wrote:

Today - by chance - I met with members of the Tatiana Giraud Foundation, out on the streets with a megaphone, outside the offices of Bell Pottinger, on High Holborn, London.

What were they doing? For a start, holding up a variety of hard-hitting banners, one of which said: "BELL POTTINGER: The Devil's representative worldwide". A particular target for their anger was Peter Bindle, apparently one of the company's top executive.

They were protesting at the vast sums being paid to one of the planets' leading 'reputation managers', i.e. Bell Pottinger, by the so-called Democratic Republic of the Congo. One of their executives, the above-named Peter Bindle, appears to be handling their lucrative contract with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country apparently rich in uranium and diamonds.

That in itself would not seem so shameful, except for that fact that the top of the political establishment in that endemcially corrupt country is co-operating with the United Nations in facilitating human and child trafficking, and rape, on an industrial scale.

And Bell Pottinger has form for trying to promote the reputation of countries with a bad human rights record.

You can read more about the appalling things going on in the Congo, including the depraved conduct of U.N. officials, here:


Bell Pottinger's cover-up of gross human rights abuses in Sri Lanka is covered in an article at this link:

And the way top U.N. officials not only connive in human trafficking and rape but actually promote it and organise it was covered by writer Kathryn Bolkovac, who documented what was going on in Bosnia in a book, soon to be made into a film:

The way Bell Pottinger is going - never mind salvaging the reputation of others, it might be having to start worrying about its own reputation. Surely a reputable organisation like Bell Pottinger doesn't want to be associated with covering up organised sexual abuse?


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