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Find Madeleine Facebook Page

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Find Madeleine Facebook Page

Post by bristow on 22.03.12 0:29

Just been having a look at the Facebook page for the first time and it appears to be very similar the the website, tired and virtually redundant.

Do they or the admin ever respond to the questions people write on there?

I have just seen a question appear from username Sue Mcneela asking:

'Have there been any developments? I haven't seen much about the campaign's progress recently.'

I will be interested to see if it is answered (I wont hold my breath.)

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Re: Find Madeleine Facebook Page

Post by tigger on 22.03.12 15:40

CR is on facebook too - are they friends yet? Do they write on each other's wall?

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Re: Find Madeleine Facebook Page

Post by aiyoyo on 22.03.12 16:13

tigger wrote:CR is on facebook too - are they friends yet? Do they write on each other's wall?

Depends whether they have invited each other in?

Oh, I forget, maybe they dont need invitation.
All they have to do is scribble on each other's external wall in signs and symbols just like kate said the criminals did to the wall outside apt 5a.

Imagine what could they be scribbling to each other?
Mr Plod armed with handcuffs on his way to Orchard House?
Get ready to flee?
Quick ...hide!
Pack you bag and plenty knickers?
someone with a $bag on the way to the bank?
Dogs on the way to fragrant House?
T7 dragged to the Police station?
A sinking ship?
Pinky's tail seen in a distance?

p..s. How I wished I know how to insert images.

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