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Why your face can't lie: The uncontrolable tell-tale signs of deceit in high stakes deceptions

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Why your face can't lie: The uncontrolable tell-tale signs of deceit in high stakes deceptions

Post by bristow on 18.03.12 18:54

Interesting article here in the mail.

I wonder if anyone here will be able to apply this to any of the main players of TM?

the 'grief' muscles, the corrugator supercilli - located around the eyebrow - and depressor anguli
oris - between the chin and corner of the lips - were more often contracted in the faces of 'genuine' rather than 'deceptive
pleaders', researchers from the University of British Columbia found.

They found subtle
contraction of the zygomatic major - which runs from cheekbone to the mouth - activated during masking smiles, and
full contraction of the frontalis - the brow - which flexed during failed attempts
to appear sad, 'were more commonly identified in the faces of deceptive

The study said: ‘During the critical lie, told by
each deceptive murderer, upper face surprise and lower face happiness
were likely to be expressed, attributed to the failed attempt to appear
sad and leakage of happiness.

Read more:

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