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Post by Guest on 18.03.12 10:48


Sunday March 18,2012

By Eugene Henderson

BRITAIN’S most hated mother Karen Matthews will soon be freed but has no plans to go back to her old life on a “grotty” estate because she’s “too good” for it.

The woman who dreamt up a plot to kidnap daughter Shannon in a bid to claim a £50,000 reward reckons she’s “better than them lot”, according to friends.

Residents on the Dewsbury Moor estate say Matthews, 36, would be wise to keep her distance after she brought shame on the West Yorkshire town.

It also emerged prison bosses deliberately delayed a decision on when to allow Matthews back into the community so she would not be released for Mother’s Day.

Her accomplice Michael Donovan, 44, was freed on licence on Friday after serving half his eight-year sentence for the kidnap and false imprisonment of nine-year-old Shannon.

Matthews will be released from Foston Hall Prison in Derbyshire within the next fortnight but is unlikely to return to Dewsbury.

An insider said: “She’s made it clear to everyone that she thinks she’s too good for the place.

She’s made it clear to everyone that she thinks she’s too good for the place

An insider
“She’s changed her appearance and has no intention of going back to the area she came from. She says it’s a grotty hole and the people are trash.

“It’s a bit rich coming from a woman who did what she did but she was deluded enough to kidnap her own daughter, so nothing surprises us about Karen.”

The source revealed her release was “imminent”, adding: “It could be any day in the next fortnight.

“But the bosses here aren’t stupid, there was no way they’d release her at the same time as her accomplice, just before Mother’s Day. That wouldn’t have looked good.”

Matthews became a hate figure after Shannon went missing in February 2008 only for a huge police hunt to find her drugged and captive at Donovan’s home almost a month later.

Inside jail Matthews has been shunned and attacked by fellow inmates but she struck up a friendship with killer Tracie Andrews, who even helped give her a makeover.

It is still not known what contact, if any, Matthews will have with her immediate family. She had seven children by five different fathers in nine years.

Shannon is believed to be “settled and happy” with a foster family along with three siblings. She has met her mother but the contact is understood to have been infrequent in recent years.

A serious-case review into Shannon’s abduction revealed a family “characterised by neglectful parenting”.

Residents on the Dewsbury Moor estate say they will be glad to see the back of the reviled woman. One local said: “She’s stupid but she’s not that daft. No one around here wants to see her face. There’d be a bloody riot.”

So she is being released in the next fortnight!!! I am shocked and disgusted bad

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Post by PeterMac on 18.03.12 16:05

candyfloss wrote:
So she is being released in the next fortnight!!! I am shocked and disgusted
At least she has been to prison.



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Post by rainbow-fairy on 18.03.12 17:41

@PeterMac wrote:
candyfloss wrote:
So she is being released in the next fortnight!!! I am shocked and disgusted
At least she has been to prison.

Same cannot be said for her 'inspiration'

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Post by sharonl on 20.03.12 20:02

There is something to be said for the way that the Express displays such articles lately. Take a look, this is not the first time that they have done this

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Post by Guest on 20.03.12 21:13

Naughty Express smilie

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Post by uppatoffee on 20.03.12 21:22

Bet they've got their front page splash ready to go!

I think we should collect all these images on this thread, as I'm sure it's not the first time they have done this recently big grin

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Post by Guest on 28.03.12 9:55

'I want a lie detector test, a Big Mac and a life by the sea':

Kidnap mum Karen Matthews also claims 'several others' abducted Shannon in bizarre rant on eve of release

The kidnapper allegedly told a friend she'll be murdered if she says who was behind the sick plot to abduct Shannon, 9

Matthews is set to leave prison in the next fortnight after serving half her 8-year jail term

She has a new identity, a new image and wants to start a new life by the sea

By Martin Robinson

PUBLISHED: 09:59, 23 March 2012 | UPDATED: 12:56, 23 March 2012
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On the eve of her release from jail, lying mother Karen Matthews says ‘several others’ were involved in the abduction of her child four years ago, it was claimed today.

Matthews, who pretended daughter Shannon, nine, was missing for a month but drugged and hid her under a bed, alleges she would be murdered if she revealed who was behind the plot in Dewsbury Moor, West Yorkshire.

Speaking from Foston Hall Prison in Derbyshire, the 36-year-old says she is too frightened to say who actually did it, claiming ‘they should be here, not me’.

In a bizarre rant the mother of seven allegedly confided in a friend that all she wants when she gets out is a lie detector test to prove her claims followed by a Big Mac burger from McDonalds.

Claims: Convicted kidnapper Karen Matthews, left, abducted daughter Shannon Matthews, right, in 2008 but now says that 'several others' did it and have threatened her with death if she speaks out

Matthews is due for release before Easter under a new name, after serving half her eight-year jail sentence for kidnap, false imprisonment and perverting the course of justice.
Her accomplice Michael Donovan, 44, the uncle of her then boyfriend, is believed to have been released this month after serving half of the same sentence.
More...Police swoop on paedophile gang accused of modern-day slavery of girls in care aged 11 'bought and sold' for sex
'They begged for their lives with their trousers down': Two lost drunk British holidaymakers 'were gunned down after taking wrong turn on Florida street'
Five police officers mauled by crazed dog as they raid suspect's home - and it took four shots to finally kill it

Friend and former neighbour Julie Bushby has visited Matthews throughout her time in jail - despite being conned by Matthews, like many others, into searching for her child at the time - and has revealed her views in the Daily Mirror.
Sham: Karen Matthews caused as national frenzy after Shannon disappeared, but in fact had hidden her under a bed with the help of Michael Donovan
‘I won’t come clean about what I actually know about what happened because I’ve been threatened,’ Matthews told Ms Bushby.
‘When I get out I want a lie detector test to show I’m innocent – and a Big Mac.
‘There are others who should be here instead of me but I was too scared to open my mouth. They said they would kill me if I did. They should be here, not me.’
She added after that she will go to live by the ‘ocean’ under her new identity.
Matthews became a hate figure over the plot to abduct Shannon to claim a £50,000 reward.
Shown in tears on television, she said Shannon was gone but knew exactly where she was stashed.
She has already undergone a ‘full makeover’ complete with a trendy new hairstyle and is hoping she will not be recognised by the public when she is back in the community.
As a prisoner released on licence, Matthews is likely to begin her new life at a probation hostel.
She and Donovan caused a £3.2million police hunt when they kidnapped Shannon from her home in February 2008.
Matthews appeared before the media pretending to be distraught at her daughter’s disappearance and hundreds of local people helped in the search.
But Shannon was found by police 24 days later in Donovan’s flat a mile away, hidden in a compartment under a divan.
While in jail Matthews has been badly beaten by other inmates and was fired from her cleaner’s job for snooping at confidential files.
Lies: Despite a national campaign to find her, Shannon was found by police hidden and drugged in the base of the divan bed
To avoid trouble from prisoners, which include Baby P’s mother and Vanessa George, the nursery paedophile, she spends her time watching daytime TV, doing art and singing to herself in her en suite cell.
Ms Bushby, a former residents association chairman, told the Mirror that she still does not believe Sharon is telling the truth but that the original plot was not about the reward money.
But since then she has been banned from going to visit by the West Yorkshire Probation service.
‘You have been a great source of comfort to Karen during these difficult years and I know that she has really appreciated it, and considers you her only real friend,’ the letter says.
Jailed: Matthews is about to be released from Foston Hall prison, Derbyshire, pictured, after serving half her sentence
‘However, you, above all people will appreciate the need to ensure we do our level best to keep Karen... safe, upon her release.
‘Karen will be expected to abide by a number of very strict conditions on her release. Not because we are punishing her, but because of the public who consider her a legitimate target for their own anger.
‘Any restrictions placed on Karen have come about after long-term planning and approval from the highest sources within the Home Office

Read more:

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Post by Guest on 06.04.12 20:10


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Post by Guest on 06.04.12 22:16

From the glimpses I've seen of the Jeremy Kyle show - ye gods, where are these people dredged up from - Karen Matthews will be right at home if she appears on it.

The same goes for the McCanns!

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