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Nothing new to say?

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Nothing new to say?

Post by aquila on 16.03.12 3:51

The last update on the findmadeleine website was 21st December 2011. It was the Christmas speech which mentioned Madeleine's name twice and pointed to other great works for missing children and their families. Since then? oh yes, there is something about Kate doing a run for Miles for Missing People on the home page (along with the usual buy our book/paypal/if you have any info stuff - which doesn't suggest calling the police!!!) but not an utterance from the McCanns to update anything. The website (that allegedly 37,000 quid expense) is looking jaded and unmaintained imo but the startling thing for me is there is not a single new and personal update written on it by K & G.

Nothing new to say?

and I'm adding as usual...the Christmas speech...that's not written by Kate imo. That's Gerry speak, has all the hallmarks of his blogs (IMO)

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Re: Nothing new to say?

Post by PeterMac on 16.03.12 7:43

But they still have that photo transformation from a little English blonde girl into an adolescent Indian. I never understood that !



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Re: Nothing new to say?

Post by Smokeandmirrors on 16.03.12 8:21

I suppose that they don't bother that much because when they do write something it is summarily denounced as a load of old cobblers.

The truth will out.

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