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A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update  - Page 2 Mm11

A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update  - Page 2 Regist10

A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update

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A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update  - Page 2 Empty Re: A Voice for Madeleine - Petition Update

Post by david_uk on 14.03.12 15:14

@rainbow-fairy wrote:
@david_uk wrote:Perhaps the PJ and the SY will come to some agreement that will find mutually agreeable and one that whill avoid any more cost spent on more investigaion than is needed and certainly avoid cost of trials. I`m going to guess that they will firm up the evidence the PJ original tried to put to the Mccanns to get a confession (new DNA testing, perhaps a reconstruction and new interviews with Tapas). They will then bring Mccanns in under caution with PJ/SY present, and say that they beleive they have enough evidience and the PJ have agreed they will charge and go to trial, but offer the McCanns a deal of some sort to come clean, no jail time in Portugal or a short term in UK jail (just Kate?), all other evidience against them will remain under locks forever if they confess. The Mcanns are bought to task, justice served, no expensive trials and the sordid details of the British Doctors is cleaned under the carpet with fresh coat of white for everyone...??. just a theory, i wont argue for or against it being an awful theory....its based on GA comments regarding finding a solution both countries will be happy with.
How disappointing! I actually found myself nodding along to your post, as I believe that is EXACTLY what the reviews are doing - making what evidence they do have watertight.
BUT - then I got to the bit in red.
The PJ DO NOT OFFER DEALS. It is not judicially possible.
Kate tried lying about this one in her book! "How dare they ask me to lie!" "What would you do, Carlos?" Blah bla bla.
NO DEALS. If they are prepping evidence it will be for a trial, not an impossible 'deal'

We will have to agree to disagree on that part then :) . I believe without doubt that they may not have put anything on paper but the PJ verbally offered a deal to coax a confession. I think this is exceptional circumstances and there was a reason for political interference back when GA was taken off the job and the case then shelved. The UK powers do not want the world to know the sordid affair of two British GP`s and Friends. A plea deal is good for both all parties, even TM. oh damn! i said i wouldnt argue my case!!! tricked me!

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