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Pfa.2 Forum gone?

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Pfa.2 Forum gone?

Post by Guest on 12.03.12 16:23

Pfa.2. forum...............According to some tweets and this blog it has disappeared.............

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Re: Pfa.2 Forum gone?

Post by Miraflores on 12.03.12 16:52

Sorry, what was the pfa2 forum?

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Re: Pfa.2 Forum gone?

Post by happychick on 12.03.12 17:20

It's a pro forum and has been gone for some time now. Hardly anyone posted there in the end, but the remaining members went to Stop the Myths forum where Brenda Ryan is a member.

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Re: Pfa.2 Forum gone?

Post by sharonl on 12.03.12 19:15

If the news from Portugal, re. the review, is correct maybe it is simple case of the rats deserting the sinking ship

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