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McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap

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Re: McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap

Post by Gillyspot on 16.03.12 0:29

@Shibboleth wrote:
@aquila wrote:
@Shibboleth wrote:
@Genbug wrote:
@Lance De Boils wrote:I agree, puzzled. The language used to me reads as the words of an English person. The phrases, structure, choice of words etc do not lend themselves to being written by someone for whom English is not their first language. Please do correct me if you think I am wrong, but I don't believe they are the words of a Portuguese man, no matter how fluent his English.

I'm sure Joana posted somewhere that he was an English teacher in a previous life.

I have also been working as a teacher of English. I have lived in Canada and England for many years. I am also aware that my own English is not perfect, and will never be perfect. I also do not believe that a foreign person wrote this.

Hi Shibboleth, do you speak English with a foreign accent, or at least a hint of one? (you don't need to answer that I'm just using it for an example) I think it would be interesting to actually HEAR Paiva speak English. That would give one a really good idea of how he would actually write in English. I'm not buying this FB stuff is written by Paiva. It's too fluent for starters and if I had read these entries without knowing who had written them I'd be given to thinking they were penned by a female.

Good morning Aquila, I do not mind your asking. I do speak English with an accent. It is somewhat Canadian, and some from Manchester, although I am in fact Israeli. My husband is from Manchester and my children were born there.

Shibboleth thanks for your honest response. Your english on here is not as natives would speak (in fact in many instances it has better grammar & punctuation). Obviously all non native english speakers will not display the same idiosyncrasies as it depends on their mother tongue but in my opinion either Paiva was an almost native speaker or it was not Paiva.

Clearly whether this was Ricardo Paiva speaking via facebook will be revealed in time but in my humble opinion the perpetrators of the fraud or "Sting" as a pro troll describes it is at least as culpable as Paiva if indeed it is he and he did reveal sensitive information in the Madeleine McCann case.

Kate McCann "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"

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Re: McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap

Post by aiyoyo on 16.03.12 1:23

I doubt it was him.

This is just going to be a witch hunt that will sizzle out.
What I want to know is who reported him to his employer.
The person who did it would be the one setting him up for a dubious reason I would imagine.

What's betting people wont hear anything further about it from the PJ because IMO even if it was proven to be him I don't believe he'd breached anything when all he did was revealed his identity and he used to work on Madeleine case. If he'd discussed the case then it would be a different matter.

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Re: McCann affair: PJ Inspector caught in internet trap

Post by Joss on 16.03.12 1:34

@littlepixie wrote:No it was the actual Police Officer (Yuri Melich?) who went with Casey back to her place of work and who I think arrested her. The Defence tried to get his testimony thrown out before he even testified in Court on the grounds that while he was on sick leave he had posted on a webforum/site/ Mentions it here

It didnt work though.

Yep, you're right, i had forgotten about that incident LOL

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