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Fibs ’r’ us news - Another innocent victim

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Fibs ’r’ us news - Another innocent victim

Post by Guest on Mon 27 Feb - 10:55

Another good one from Blacksmith...

The Blacksmith Bureau

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fibs ’r’ us news

Another innocent victim


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Re: Fibs ’r’ us news - Another innocent victim

Post by rainbow-fairy on Mon 27 Feb - 13:30

Then we have 'The Sun' feeding on the xenophobic parts of its readership by comparing this extradition to the fact that this country can't extradite Abu Qatada... Ridiculous.

"Ask the dogs, Sandra" - Gerry McCann to Sandra Felgueiras

Truth is artless and innocent - like the eloquence of nature, it is clothed with simplicity and easy persuasion; always open to investigation and analysis, it seeks exposure because it fears not detection.

NORMAN MACDONALD, Maxims and Moral Reflections.

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Re: Fibs ’r’ us news - Another innocent victim

Post by T4two on Mon 27 Feb - 13:56

Dr. Martin Roberts: Hence we have perjury, interfering with an investigation, and the obstruction of justice (so far). All perpetrated in the name of innocence.

I know the piece was written by Blacksmith but the above quotation is a good summary of the actual crimes being perpetrated here with absolutely no action being taken by those authorities charged with upholding the law namely the police, the CPS and the judiciary. These are all criminal offences in England which carry prison sentences. It's high time the law was more strictly enforced in this regard and people pursuing such tactics brought to book. I suggest they make a start with Mitchell.

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