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Carter-Ruck in numbers Empty Carter-Ruck in numbers

Post by Guest on 26.02.12 19:52

In the libel action against Tony Bennett:

* Carter-Ruck started preparing their committal-to-prison application against Tony on 8 June 2011. It took them a further 176 days before they served their committal papers on him

* When they served the committal papers, it took two men and a limousine to do so. They travelled a total of 70 miles there and back to serve these papers

* Carter-Ruck submitted that Tony had breached his undertakings 153 times. At Court on 8 February, Mr Justice Tugendhat said that this was disproportionate and said '10 alleged breaches is more than enough'. Carter-Rick still came back with 25.

* So far Carter-Ruck have served nine bundles of Lever Arch files on Tony, totalling 4,397 pages of documents, affidavits and exhibits

* Between June 2011 and December 2011 the IP address 'Peter Carter-Ruck' visited Jill's forum on 57 occasions and spending a total of 187 hours looking for libels by Tony

* In court on 8 February, Tony represented himself. Against him in court there were five people: Senior Partner from Carter-Ruck, Adam Tudor; Partner, Isabel Hudson; a barrister, Jacob Dean, a legal assistant, and a porter to carry all their bundles of files

* Adam Tudor charges fees of £1,000 per hour. Isabel Hudson's fees are £500 per hour.

* In court, Tony had eight supporters. The McCanns had one, Justine Spencer [= 'Jayelles']. The only person who misbehaved in court was Justine Spencer, who used her mobile in court contrary to the judge's instructions.

* The Find Madeleine Fund has raised about £6 million

* Two of its lead investigators are now in prison [Antonio Gimenez Raso and Kevin Halligen].

* The amount of hard information we have about Madeleine's supposed abductor: Nil.

* The amount of hard information we have about where Madeleine might have been taken: Nil.

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Carter-Ruck in numbers Empty Re: Carter-Ruck in numbers

Post by happychick on 26.02.12 20:31

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Carter-Ruck in numbers Empty Re: Carter-Ruck in numbers

Post by jmac on 26.02.12 21:23

Their actions are way out of proportion and must be costing a fortune. What worries me is how some people are being persecuted for daring to speak out. Money that originated from the public is being used to finance lawyers to shut Mr Bennett up. The Scottish establishment has imprisoned Robert Green for daring to speak out against child abuse. What happened to `freedom of speech?`It`s a sad day when people are being threatened for raising their concerns about children.

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Carter-Ruck in numbers Empty Re: Carter-Ruck in numbers

Post by aiyoyo on 27.02.12 9:03

Long after the mccanns have spent every penny of donors' money and blood money (from merchandise and book profit) on lawyers, nothing is going to change people's from their view their abduction tale is just porky pie, nor stop truth seekers' their campaign, until the perpetrator/s for crime against Madeleine is arrested.

Even if it means any of the latterly group have to campaign from prison if it comes to that. Nothing will stop brave men from their work.

Using legal muscles just because they can financially afford it is not correct way to convince people of their innocence.
They have to prove that by cooperating with investigators, and provided the Police have eliminated them from the equation, then there is no question of doubt.

I believe Pat Brown posited that Maddie's body might have been transported back to the UK. Irrespective what reason gives mccanns the confidence Maddie's remains will not never found, what they cant guarantee is future prosecution - history has proven that.

The mccanns better prayed their luck holds out or be prepared to become "real" stars of the infamous sort.


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Carter-Ruck in numbers Empty Re: Carter-Ruck in numbers

Post by Miraflores on 27.02.12 9:16

A statistic you missed out:
Number of McCanns present in court: zero

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