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Maddie's presence in PdL

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Maddie's presence in PdL

Post by tigger on 23.02.12 19:34

YouTube treated me to this clip when I was looking for something else entirely.
I find it very interesting because a question is posed at the end which I haven't seen before. Namely that there are no accounts of any conversation with her other than the morning of the 3rd and the evening of the 3rd.

The following is heavily snipped from the McCannfiles, the Blacksmith Bureau 2011.
Significantly our first real view of Madeleine on holiday — on the aircraft steps — is given not from direct memory but from the video made by the group.
"Soon after midday," she writes, "we collected the children." A highly emotional passage about the child follows — but it doesn't describe Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz but in some more complex space: "I loved going to pick up the kids when they were little," she adds, snip

she looked so gorgeous in her little T-shirt and shorts, pink hat, ankle socks and new holiday sandals..." OK, OK — but this wasn't strictly the child in Praia da Luz either, but a photograph

On page 65 she demonstrates how hard she finds it to "see" the child, providing not an image of Madeleine in action but a multi-layered section of her own troubled memory from somewhere far beyond Praia da Luz:
"Some images are etched for all time on my brain. Madeleine that lunchtime is one of them. snip "She was striding ahead of Fiona and me, swinging her bare arms to and fro snipped - she seemed oblivious of the temperature, just happy and carefree"
Her characterization of the child throughout these interpolations is flimsy and as for the dynamics of the relationship between mother and daughter — and anyone with children of Madeleine's age knows how extensive and complex the relationship has already become — there is almost nothing.

I stress these points not at all to criticise Kate McCann as a mother but to illustrate the way in which the child does not emerge naturally from the narrative and that is because she is not really part of it. Perhaps the closest she comes to emerging is in the descriptions of her asking her parents "why they hadn't come that night" — and that episode also, in a sense, comes from outside, due to the evidential significance it has subsequently taken on.

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