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Not like the good old days  Mm11

Not like the good old days  Regist10

Not like the good old days

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Not like the good old days  Empty Not like the good old days

Post by Guest on 13.02.12 19:22

From Blacksmith blog.........

Monday, 13 February 2012

Not like the good old days

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Not like the good old days  Empty Re: Not like the good old days

Post by aiyoyo on 14.02.12 4:03

Geez, I wonder how Blacksmith got away with mccanns smiley photo? I thought the mccanns forbid newspapers from using it?

If their case against Amaral collapses, that might be the start of the end of their culture of sue all and sundry who dares question their abduction theory. This surely must be a benchmark setting case that has the mccanns desperately worried hence their spinning like windmill, judging from timing of this aspersion piece on Amaral.

The reason they cited legal source as the leak this time round as opposed to their regular in-house source (CM) could only be because they want to give pubic the impression that the contents of the article are legit, not unsubstantiated slur by them. They hope people when reading the words "legal source", would believe it came from their lawyers, meaning vetted from legal angle therefore the story must hold true. But in so doing (citing a legal source this time), their false sense of confidence is showing up.

The manipulative mccanns always have a reason for doing things - the use of legal source this time, a deviation from norm, was deliberate and the article timed ahead to brainwash the public in preparation for the negative that will come their way in April. That piece tells us they're expecting the worst and preparing for the worst.

Aragao defeat will be double whammy for the mccanns.


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Not like the good old days  Empty Re: Not like the good old days

Post by tigger on 14.02.12 7:38

Aiyoyo, what are the regular sources used by the McCanns?

A source close to the McCanns - Philomena
A spokesman for the McCanns - Clarrie
A friend of the McCanns - ????? Michael Wright, Jon ?
A legal source - ??? Is Carter Ruck now doubling up as press office or has the International Family Law Group and/or PACT been resuscitated?

I'm now waiting for a psychic source - information will be just as valid as from all the above.

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