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Post by Cristobell on 04.02.12 17:09

i have for the past 4 years or so, posted on an AOL board about the Madeleine case, the board is no longer dedicated to this subject, but a few diehards remain, from both sides of the argument.

Below is an exchange with myself and an especially vociferous 'pro'. I respond to her only occasionally, because I find squabbling tiresome, and because life is too short to waste on those who are rude to us.

Val said:

But your stance on the McCann case? How anyone who is said to have 'leftie' crudentials can support the ( educated and accomplished was it?) Amaral a convicted ex policieman witha patriarchal attitude you could hang on a tree and a background and training in one of the most fascist indoctrinated societies in Europe and who is a wife beater and blames the woman in the mcCann case rather than the man. A man who talks constantly of his 'honour'.

My response:

You asked me recently, what I had read regarding Dr. Amaral. If, I may, I will answer with my psychology student hat on. I have read Dr. Amaral's book - The Truth of the Lie.

A book, as I expected you to know actually, tells you much about its author. A book contains information that cannot be faked, edited or enhanced. If the author has malevolent personality traits, it will show through the text. I refer you to Roland Barthes' essay, 'Death of the Author'. One of my pet interests right now, is forensic psychology, particularly with regard to speech analysis. I have also studied body language in depth and in this regard also, I find him totally truthful.

He may well have a drink problem - I would be surprised if he didn't, given his 20+ years in his job. It must be very hard to detach oneself from one's dayjob, I would think, and he has probably encountered horrors during his career, that most of us couldn't and wouldn't, want to imagine. I am inherently more wary of the robotic ones, those with starched shirts who never flinch. And lets be honest, most good cops are flawed, they drink, swear, sleep in their clothes, etc, etc, look at how Hollywood portrays them?

As for Portuguese culture and right wing ideology. I am pretty much live and let live tbh. If it works for them. I know that is very narrow minded, but I have so many other things going on in my over inflated head, that I haven't really given it much thought. I think I will leave changing the entire world to the youngsters, and from the kids I saw on Panorama the other night, I still have faith in our youth.

But, apologies for waffling. Dr. Amaral is a product of his environment, he is as indoctrinated in his culture, as we are in ours. That YOU think our culture is superior, is a bit presumptious. This idea of forcing 1950's British empirealistic ideology onto other cultures is ridiculous.

In his police career, Dr. Amaral was an honest cop who cared deeply about his work, and his reputation. He is devoted to his family, that much is obvious, even with all the fallings out. I don't doubt for one moment that he is a nightmare to live with, but his relationship with his wife is passionate, and fiery. He is human. Lets not forget also, that he and his family have also lived under horrendous pressure for the past few years.

His book is truthful. A missing child exacerbates the paternal instincts in men such as Dr. Amaral and I believe him when he says that he and his team worked on the case constantly, 24/7. Going back to this fierce, right wing, patriachal attitude that you say exists in Portugal, then nothing could rally a team of 'mens' men', than the plight of a heartbreakingly cute child in peril. I don't doubt for one second that those men worked day and night, slept in their clothes and rarely went home, in their quest to find the sweet innocent.

I can acknowledge too, that honour is very much part of that culture. As a middle aged man nearing the end of his career, his honour would mean everything. Lets face it, even if we have attained great riches in our life, or are struggling to pay the rent, the only tangible 'thing' we leave in this world is our honour and our reputation. For all Robert Maxwell achieved, he will be remembered firstly for his suicide. I support Dr. Amaral absolutely in this regard.

I am not concerned with his politics, his background, his nationality. His focus throughout has remained fixed on the missing child. How many books, films, dramas and now, reality tv shows have we seen, where a detective never gives up on a case, and Dr. Amaral has more reason than most. And finally, Val, I would judge Dr. Amaral from his quiet, dignified demeanour, the truth doesn't need Carter Ruck to defend it.


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