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Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

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Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

Post by Guest on 25.01.12 22:09

This inquiry is turning into a bit of a farce - I won't put the photo up in the article ...............................

Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

Convicted paedophile and ex-BBC DJ says he has experience to share about the relationship between the police and the media

Lisa O'Carroll, Wednesday 25 January 2012 19.40 GMT

Convicted paedophile and former BBC DJ Jonathan King has applied to become a "core participant" at the Leveson inquiry.

The disgraced music impresario turned up personally on Wednesday to the inquiry at London's high court to plead his case.

King was jailed in 2001 for four indecent assaults and two serious sexual offences on boys aged 14 and 15 and wants to be given the status as a key witness in the second module of the inquiry, which will examine the relationship between the press and the police.

"You are not going to say I am innocent, you have to assume I was guilty, because I was found guilty, but I would say my experiences which go through a great deal more than just that, than the prosecution and the first trial," he told Lord Justice Leveson.

"As you have seen from the submission, there was a second trial in which I was considered not guilty and there were further experiences I had at the court of appeal and so on, which all I think would be interesting to the inquiry regarding the relationship between the police and the media."

Leveson said he had a "problem" about the extent to which it is possible or whether it is "appropriate" to investigate quite complex facts.

Two other members of the public made personal applications to be given core participant status – a victim of the 7/7 bombings and Robert Henderson, who claims he was maligned by the Daily Mirror in 1997.

Leveson will rule later on what new groups or individuals can qualify as a core participant.

He was told by his counsel that the inquiry is on track to finish module one, on the relationship between the public and the media, as scheduled on Thursday, 9 February and to take evidence for the second module – on the police and the media – between 27 February and 19 April.

Leveson has not made his final judgment on core participants for the second module but did grant the application made by the Metropolitan Police Authority on Wednesday.

The third module will concern the relationship between politicians and the press and Leveson told the inquiry he was minded to dedicate the fourth module to discussion of emerging findings.


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Re: Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

Post by aquila on 25.01.12 23:04

Well if he gets an audience at this farce then everyone should have gone to the moon. Why should a convicted paedophile have a voice in a public enquiry? I give up.

It doesn't matter a jot to me if he was famous and has an opinion about the press. He is a convicted paedophile. He has robbed children and damaged their lives. What on earth is the matter with my beloved country.

I'm editing/adding again. Is this convicted paedophile doubting a jury? Is the suggestion that there wasn't a fair trial because the press took hold of the case before it went to trial? is this inquiry a platform to raise issues about a failed appeal? Is this suggesting the police didn't do their job? Please someone enlighten me.

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Re: Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

Post by Ollie on 26.01.12 17:26

Jonathan King is a convicted paedophile. If he is allowed to appear at the Leveson Inquiry there will be outrage and rightly so. He should never be seen or heard of again.


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Re: Leveson inquiry: Jonathan King applies for 'core participant' status

Post by kikoraton on 26.01.12 20:44

It'll be Gary Glitter next, you mark my words. And after that, Jimmy Saville. Oh no, that can't be right.
Well actually, JS always made sure he had a good press. King probably thinks it's time he had the same.

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